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Boycott corporate censorship – participate in black march

From Thursday 1st March 2012 to Saturday 31st March 2012 you can actively participate in a boycott of corporate interests in censoring the internet – involved in preventing the music artists from deciding whether they enforce copyright for consumption of … Continue reading

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Just keep on using manipulated statistics and hope they keep on believing it….

Things are getting better – Please buy into it!! We really need you to pretend the high inflation and economic instability isn’t actually happening so just read our phony press propaganda instead and carry on as normal…

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Wikipedia to take a stand against SOPA – Twitter boss ridicules Jimmy Wales

A coordinated digital protest resulting in a blackout of services, when thousands of websites will suspend their services to the web in protest to the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect I P Act (both effectively censoring the internet rather … Continue reading

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The ‘debt jubilee’ solution to the 2008 financial crisis

Steve Keen, professor of economics and finance at the University of Western Sydney and author of ‘Debunking Economics’,  discusses the idea of a debt jubilee – how it will work and why he believes in the end it will be … Continue reading

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No fucking way…. War with Iran has begun

As many of us who have been worrying about this for many weeks/months/years now – that the US will wage war with Iran – we now have word from Jim Rickards that war has started. Rickards states that the US … Continue reading

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All killer, no filler

On a day where bad news dominated the headlines, there was certainly enough cover filler for the msm to attempt distract elderly grandmothers and surface-level browsers from reaching the truth (enter Fergie, Celebrity big brother contestants, Top Gear offending India and … Continue reading

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*Must watch* Excellent documentary revealing the truth behind media manipulation

As the gears of war shift ever increasingly forward to yet another senseless conflict over economic power, Global Research TV have added their efforts to pull the sleeping masses to action against the war mongers by releasing this documentary. It … Continue reading

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