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Yes! Archbishop Tutu calls for Blair to be tried at the Hague

Go Archbishop Desmond Tutu! Why are there not more like you in positions of power and influence willing to risk all and tell the truth? Archbishop Tutu calls for Tony Blair and George Bush to be taken to the International … Continue reading

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Life as a drama, fight, play or game?

Irrespective of our political views the world we are all embroiled in, we live this game of life, which is incredibly personal for each individual. Sometimes things are so horrific it cannot be seen as a game.  If we allow … Continue reading

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Julian Assange’s The World Tomorrow – Episode 1: Hassan Nasrallah

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Are Tibet and China really as they appear?

Viewing a UK press report on Tibet, it’s easy to see the world through journalists eyes.  They go into war-torn territory to give you the facts and the blood-soaked truth of countries ravished by natural disasters, uprisings and turmoil.  We … Continue reading

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Why Islam matters

At present we have an alarming predicament.  The world is in turmoil surrounding its behaviour towards Islamic countries – set off against a backdrop of confused economic interests.  When I say ‘the world’   I mean of course ‘my world’ which … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens – a very conscious message

Check out this wonderful debate between former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens on the subject of religion. In part 6, Hitchens sends a remarkable warning about the dangers of religion.  I’ve attached a transcript of it below. … Continue reading

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