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How much oil do we use (worldwide) per day?

It’s an interesting question and one we don’t get asked in such a straight-forward manner by the media. The Answer is: over 74 million barrels per day.

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On economic sanity and insanity

In so many ways,we could hardly be called a sane species. We have devised ingenious systems to contain our technological growth and through the wonders of our planet and the universe we have managed to keep a foot hold despite … Continue reading

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Is CERN about to prove the existence of the ‘anti-matter’ as the ‘God particle’?

Another fascinating parallel of timing with the release of details on the quest for the Higgs-Bosun particle, the so-called ‘God particle’, with which scientists have spent billions on building hadron colliders (both large and extremely large) and decades of research … Continue reading

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The Rossi E-Cat

The application of Hydrothermal technology could save the human race from extinction if we hadn’t spent so many years in a daze of our own hubris and omnipotence.  It might be utilised in time to give us a heat source … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Technology – Anti-matter and fusion energy

M.T. Keshe is an inventor and nuclear physicist who has made extraordinary progress in developing plasma reactors. Not only are these breakthroughs in energy generation but also breakthroughs in our models of physics and the scientific world – leading to … Continue reading

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