The central planners are the barbaric relic

Where to begin? We’ve been fucked for ages. Let’s be honest, recessions and war have plagued human history throught its recorded annuls. So there’s nothing new there.

One thing that is new, is that we are with excess potential for the first time in history. Technology has enabled this. We are on a rocket ship hurtling past the previous records left behind by previous civilisations. We have a massive capability to balance the needs to survive around the world. This is one of the reasons the EU has such lofty ambitions.

One thing which hasn’t changed is the corrupt nature of humankind. You can put it in a bottle, throw it down the drain, it always comes back for more. This is one thing you can count on – every one of our children has the capability to be a Nero or a Hitler or a Stalin given the right environment. The official narrative is that we have moved away from the horrors of our past. In actual fact, we’re close to a reminder of just how horrific human nature can be – despite the liberal nonsense being blurted out from various people in the media, social networks and the internet.

Talk to someone I.R.L. (in real life) and find out we are as barbaric as we always were. Shudder in horror as the person you speak to ignorantly voices what others tell them. Feel the anger as they show signs of selfishness past historical records have not managed to beat. Welcome to 21st century London. This is what we find. Nothing has altered with regard to human nature and its capabilities.

What has altered has been the technological – economic landscape and it (save a nuclear war) will unlikely ever be the same again. The job of the central planners is to make sure none of you plebs, ever get to realise this fact. I notice that we are all working like victorian peasants in the UK. It seems as if the central planners have succeeded in their goals (for now)

I have enjoyed reading Mish Shedlock’s musings on technological advancement and he is quite right. The FED and their policies are preventing the 99% from benefitting from deflation. This is almost entirely what this post is about (thanks Mish)

The final test of their power is to see that we all stay in the dark. Goyim cattle if you will. There are some of us that can see and hopefully can spread a message preventing the outbreak of hostilities between the haves and the have nots. I’m not entirely sure how this can be acheived without reforming democracy and displacing political rule. This appears to be step number 1.

Step number 2 might involve getting rid of this barbaric relic – central planning. For years now (hundreds if not thousands), we have been engineered to live the way that we do. The media is bought by them and then says what they want it to say. Cameras roll. In the old days they’d bring out a lion and the crowd would roar. It actually hasn’t changed much. There always was the potential for things to go another way but of late, there hasn’t been much the central planners have been good at other than bailing out their pals at goldman sachs, creating more wars by siding with war criminals (for money) and hiding the tecnological advances which make their own presence obsolete.

So now, dear readers, we come to some conclusion of what needs to be done to prevent us remaining slaves for life to a system doomed to war. There is the urgent need for a reform of democracy. Then there is a polical revolution. Following this, remove central planning from the table. It has had its day but in the end, it is nothing but a barbaric relic of ancient civilisation. Only by them giving up the economic gains they have stolen will it continue to survive.

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