What’s going on? (in Europe)

Is completely insane. From the very deepest parts of my heart, it’s a lovely gesture but, my god, what planet do you live on??! So, just to recap, you took a sizable portion of the levant population (suffering under a combination of complicated policial/religious/secular desputes) and offered them stay in europe?


What did you think, that 2015 is different? IT’S NEVER DIFFERENT. Something the new breed of politicians have not grasped or played their hands too loosely in this particular game.

I am not adocating turning your back on an entire country ravished by war but look, most of this is our own undoing via an unholy alliance between the US and Saudi Arabia. Bashar Al Assad is the contender and those in power don’t approve. You will always find plenty of dissenters either way. The point is, to whose benefit does a media campaign against this regime fit?

The lines are not blurry here at all. You’d have to be a complete idiot to not know where to point the finger here. Thanks to wikileaks, snowden, manning and others we are clear with this. Never before in history has technology given us the advantage it does now. Let’s not just sit here crying over it.

Europe should (it won’t) begin pulling back an offer for shelter in europe and begin attacking the policies of the US and Saudi Arabia which caused this mess. Then it should set up aid to house, shelter and protect the displaced within syria. This could have been done a while back but due to some delusions of grandure policy makers believed their abilities beyond those of realistic successes (who could have guessed that one)

This is an absolute disaster and it has caused the scheghen agreement to be suspended as slovenia, hungary and austria force border controls through their regional guard. I think, it is fair to say the political dis-union happening now may cause the economic break up of the euro project at this point. Just as Catalonia is seperating from Spain, Scotland seeking independence from the UK and even Bavaria has begin bargaining within Germany.

George Soros once coined the term ‘compartmentalisation’ for describing the way local economies buffer themselves like the oil compartments within oil tankers. Should the ship be pushed too far one way, the smaller masses of oil do less to force inertia and capsize the vessel. From an economic point of view, we shall find out soon enough, if Soro’s analogy is true. It definitely looks choppy out there.

The disaster of refugees needing safe passage is evident throughout history. A country which can offer no safe existence for its people is an example of a regime gone crazy or pressured to be by external forces. Think about this people. Bashar has seemed reasonable and civilised on camera unlike Gaddafi and saddam whom we tolerated in power for decades before being given the orders.

You aren’t all that naive, are you?

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