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Are Tibet and China really as they appear?

Viewing a UK press report on Tibet, it’s easy to see the world through journalists eyes.  They go into war-torn territory to give you the facts and the blood-soaked truth of countries ravished by natural disasters, uprisings and turmoil.  We … Continue reading

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Information saturation working against the people

Historically, we couldn’t be closer to a tipping point.  Austerity has sent the developed world into recession.  Deficit spending is at an all time high.  Debt is totally out of control.  Oil prices are high, with tanker strikes forthcoming in … Continue reading

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Apple Flash Crash

It was a moment that cynics like myself had anticipated with some hope; that one of the big stocks Goldman had been promoting, one of the companies that pro-stock market pudits had been bullishly calling to show a long-term, stable … Continue reading

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Contactless banking technology in action

We didn’t see this one coming, did we?

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Rob Reid on Copyright Math

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UK citizen dissent against ‘patriotism’ will be crushed – welcome to Orwell’s vision made reality

A remarkable series of events have unfolded which has been largely untold by the UK media – a young British man of Arab descent in Yorkshire who posted a comment on Facebook about the nature of British soldiers killing in … Continue reading

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Security checks at all London Underground stations

London is also being wired up with a new range of scanners, biometric ID cards, number-plate and facial-recognition CCTV systems, disease tracking systems, new police control centres and checkpoints. These will intensify the sense of lockdown in a city which … Continue reading

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