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The Capitalist Conspiracy

G Edward Griffin wrote and produced ‘The Capitalist conspiracy’ 43 years ago, using undeniable evidence to support his claims that the economic power structures that govern us, such as fiat currency, government and banking, are in fact a conspiracy designed … Continue reading

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Debt clock

I only recently came across this site which puts the worlds debt, oil usage and precious metal mining/consumption into perspective. This will shortly be added to the bookmarks bar to the right.

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How much oil do we use (worldwide) per day?

It’s an interesting question and one we don’t get asked in such a straight-forward manner by the media. The Answer is: over 74 million barrels per day.

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More Arms lobbying, on behalf of the UK government

Selling arms to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is “legitimate and right” as autocratic countries have a right to self defence, David Cameron has said. “Mutually Assured Destruction”, I say.

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Does Cannabis lower young people’s IQ? First define what IQ is

Looking around at society as a whole and specifically at the way conservative and right-wing power structures operate to implement and uphold social engineering policies, one of the things one can rely on is for the right-wing press to come … Continue reading

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FSA playing dirty

Regulators are doing more than looking the other way, they’re assisting banking groups by protecting the City of London.  The article reveals the FSA and a lobby of 13 banking groups colluded in opposing regulatory reforms and tax. Apparently the … Continue reading

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Rigged banking rates through LIBOR – possibly the biggest financial scandal ever

The insider trading that is the LIBOR scandal has been revealed to have occurred for decades and has resulted in trillions being skimmed for internal profits on a daily basis.  ALL banks have been implicated in this and as news … Continue reading

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