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The Coconut Revolution

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Money as Debt

Canadian documentary from 2006 which completely defines the complex monetary system which has been imposed upon us. If you found this video informative or interesting I’d also recommend watching ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island‘ for a specific historical view of … Continue reading

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Mexico’s silenced revolution

Not a peep in the MSM about the millions of people demonstrating in Mexico.  Instead we get conservative reports telling us “move along, there’s nothing to see here”.  Forbes states things are big but doesn’t really get to the scale … Continue reading

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FSA playing dirty

Regulators are doing more than looking the other way, they’re assisting banking groups by protecting the City of London.  The article reveals the FSA and a lobby of 13 banking groups colluded in opposing regulatory reforms and tax. Apparently the … Continue reading

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Rigged banking rates through LIBOR – possibly the biggest financial scandal ever

The insider trading that is the LIBOR scandal has been revealed to have occurred for decades and has resulted in trillions being skimmed for internal profits on a daily basis.  ALL banks have been implicated in this and as news … Continue reading

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The end of common sense and the beginning of blame

Society is being bottlenecked into a collusion of jobsworth boxtickers, overworked and underpaid staff and uncompassionate bystanders, with little or no common sense. Update – Patient died of thirst while doctors didn’t even know he was there

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Precursor to the 2012 UK summer riots?

Just in time for the Olympics as well – Although I suspect with the absence of police presence, G4S has a good contract to take over security for the games.  Incidentally, G4S were also handed contracts for security in Afghanistan … Continue reading

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