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The Capitalist Conspiracy

G Edward Griffin wrote and produced ‘The Capitalist conspiracy’ 43 years ago, using undeniable evidence to support his claims that the economic power structures that govern us, such as fiat currency, government and banking, are in fact a conspiracy designed … Continue reading

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How much oil do we use (worldwide) per day?

It’s an interesting question and one we don’t get asked in such a straight-forward manner by the media. The Answer is: over 74 million barrels per day.

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Yes! Archbishop Tutu calls for Blair to be tried at the Hague

Go Archbishop Desmond Tutu! Why are there not more like you in positions of power and influence willing to risk all and tell the truth? Archbishop Tutu calls for Tony Blair and George Bush to be taken to the International … Continue reading

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Does Cannabis lower young people’s IQ? First define what IQ is

Looking around at society as a whole and specifically at the way conservative and right-wing power structures operate to implement and uphold social engineering policies, one of the things one can rely on is for the right-wing press to come … Continue reading

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Mexico’s silenced revolution

Not a peep in the MSM about the millions of people demonstrating in Mexico.  Instead we get conservative reports telling us “move along, there’s nothing to see here”.  Forbes states things are big but doesn’t really get to the scale … Continue reading

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The end of common sense and the beginning of blame

Society is being bottlenecked into a collusion of jobsworth boxtickers, overworked and underpaid staff and uncompassionate bystanders, with little or no common sense. Update – Patient died of thirst while doctors didn’t even know he was there

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Precursor to the 2012 UK summer riots?

Just in time for the Olympics as well – Although I suspect with the absence of police presence, G4S has a good contract to take over security for the games.  Incidentally, G4S were also handed contracts for security in Afghanistan … Continue reading

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