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Bush, Fed, Europe Banks in $15 Trillion Fraud, All Documented

An update on this bewildering exposure of the largest fraud in recorded human history, enacted by the highest level of government and financial banking. Gordon Duff at Veterans Today writes: “As the funds, at least the half which the US … Continue reading

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Unbelievable – fraud of 15 trillion dollars and 750,000 metric tonnes of gold

A testimony in the House of Lords by Lord David James on Feb 16th 2012 details an unbelievable 15 trillion dollars and a transaction of 750,000 metric tonnes of gold being transferred to Royal Bank of Scotland and the Hong … Continue reading

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Iran cuts oil exports to six European states

Iran has decided to cut its oil supplies to France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal following sanctions by the EU which have had disastrous affects to the Independent Islamic states banking and energy sector. This is a move … Continue reading

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Megaupload was a Whack Job

In the most recent Truth About Markets, Max Keiser talks to Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, about Megaupload and the danger Megaupload really presented to the Mainstream media and news delivery cartels.  I’ve included a short transcript … Continue reading

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