The Global Warming Scam

Here we go. I’ve immediately fallen into ‘that’ camp have I? At least allow me to explain my position, how I arrived there and provide my evidence.

Firstly, I don’t pretend to be a scientist – I have spent some time reading theories and reports made by scientists. They all illustrate massive changes in our planet’s climate and changes in the eco diversity. This planet is changing and it doesn’t always change for the better. In the seas, fish stocks are still being depleted by over fishing, rainforests are being destroyed, the loss of habitat has driven numerous species to extinction and continues to threaten those existing. We pollute our fresh water supplies and the ocean including disposal of radioactive waste, sealed in containers in underwater storage vaults. One leak from one of these facilities guarantees the water will contain radioactive isotopes for the the next hundred thousand years or so. In short, I have no doubts we have soiled this planet heavily during our occupation here. We increased the damage done hundredfold if not more since the industrial revolution. In recent years (last 50-60 years) maybe you could multiply the damage by thousands or even a million. Am I clear that we are guilty of this? Hopefully this will prevent this post from being placed in a “denier” box.

Onto the reason for this post. As you can see I targeted one particular element of our planet that has been brought to our intention repeatedly through media and through legislation enacted by organisations such as the IMF and world governments from the U.S., Brussels, France, the U.K., Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, etc drafting through targets, penalties, fines, subsidies, budgets, schemes, organisations, institutions and much more in the name of this environmental disaster that they state will cause most of the planet to be uninhabitable by 2030-2050.

It is of course one huge lie.

A lie so huge as to make pinoccio’s nose turn into a 800 year old great redwood tree.

You see, we can study science and conclude we’ve screwed things up so badly that we don’t need any more reasons to explain our predicament – it will be hard enough trying to exist on this planet as it is. The kind of science that these organisations fund is not geared towards the previous outcome but instead has been programmed to test positive under predetermined parameters.

World governments are very powerful. Do not doubt this. They contain some of the most well educated people on the planet. While that doesn’t necessarily make them clever they are in control of all the major education, scientific, economic and military institutions in their respective country. They understand social psychology exceptionally well. Governing people is what they do and they have training in it going back thousands of years. There is also a connection with corporations and governments beginning at the end of the 19th century with the invention of “Public Relations” thanks to Sigmund Freud’s cousin, Edward Bernays. But I digress.

Has the concept of a Hegelian dialectic around climate change begun to sink in with you yet? It should do, because this is exactly what has happened.

Anecdotal evidence here. When I was at Uni, one of my classmates was the son of one of the world’s specialists in ice core samples. He asked me one day what I thought of climate change as he knew I was a concerned activist on eco preservation. He too cares about this planet and so does his father (any person dedicated enough to study earth sciences does so out of love for this planet) I told him that we have changed the climate due to fossil fuel use since the industrial revolution and the invention of the combustion engine. Do you know what he told me? His father had noticed no alteration to a cycle that has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. We spoke at length about the facts, we discussed cows farting and volcano emmissions. I was stern headed then – refused to believe that we weren’t in control of the destruction of life on this planet. It is a funny delusion, hubris. One acts out of good intentions but, solipsistically, cannot see beyond themselves.

The reality of our future here on a planet that has mini ice ages every 300 years, where the poles occassionally wobble and move, altering the climate in the northern hemisphere dramatically is difficult enough but the politicians want to tax every one of us for the privilege of being here – tapping into our narcissism and hubris, playing on our guilt and feelings. Sure who doesn’t have feelings seeing the kind of devastation we have brought here? You’re being played people.

Yes, they are that cynical.

You see, modern politicans at the top know “what drives voters” and not only superficially. They know everything about you. They know what happens if a big event was to occur, how people would react. They test these things in private, sometimes release the data depending on how it has been engineered. This is the modern politician and the world they live in.

Another second hand anecdote is one Martin Armstrong tells is about population control. Allegedly at a social event a powerful politician explained the theory behind climate change and how humans are responsible for the massive damage and possible extinction of all life on earth. In order to save the planet we needed to cut emmissions rapidly and to create a strict framework to meeting these targets included population reduction/control. At which point Marty asked the pertinent question “excuse me, but whose children are you preventing from being born, yours or mine?” You see those at the top have an agenda to control the human race and they need something to cover it. Global warming is the brainchild of some twisted fuck behind the curtains of power. Al Gore tried to sell it. Tony Blair tried to sell it. Obama and LeGarde sold it to us. Now we have years and years of reminders of why we must stick to this plan, with taxation schedules and targets (all of which must be funded, by the taxpayer and big businesses) which is why it is important to get the message out as much as possible.

The planets is millions of years old and has a dynamic climate that was forged through clouds of sulphur, spewed from raging volacnic infernos far, far in excess of anything we could ever hope to achieve by force if we wanted to. This planet is capable of extinguishing all life on earth in an instant and has done so on numerous occassions (two ice ages and the extinction of the dinosaurs are proof of this) and every time, life comes back, based on a very long cycle. We may be numbered but this planet will survive. George Carlin summed it up best on the “save the planet” rant.

We are heading into a massive economic downturn, driven by politicians who have no idea of the business cycle and that it cannot be beaten. They are fighting for their lives trying to find a way to continue to fund their existence. This is the global warming scam.

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