*Must watch* Excellent documentary revealing the truth behind media manipulation

As the gears of war shift ever increasingly forward to yet another senseless conflict over economic power, Global Research TV have added their efforts to pull the sleeping masses to action against the war mongers by releasing this documentary.

It is extremely relevant to what is currently happening regarding the US and Iran, Syria and Asia – highlighting numerous historical examples of deception by the media.  These war crimes can surely no longer be allowed to continue in the current climate.  On the brink of financial collapse, on the eve of yet another staged war, with occupy groups in various cities in the world, austerity protests heating up, with organisations such as Wikileaks sending out true transparent news to people connected to social media outlets throughout the globe.

It’s time to spread the word and take a stand against these unspeakable bastards – military, economists, politicians, press and corporations (call them NWO if you will) – don’t fall for their trap.

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