US military secretly deployed to Israel in large-scale operation

The United States have deployed some 15,000 marines to Israel in what appears to be the biggest military operation in the Middle East since the Iraq war.

Mainstream media have been very quiet about this but  Wikileaks, RT and Press TV are spreading the news far and wide.  China have also recently made objections to the increased military operations which are also aiming to occupy the Asia-Pacific region.  Chinese press have called for the government to prepare  long-to-medium-range missiles to defend China and its allies.

All this occurs at a time when French and Italian bond auctions showed an appalling lack of interest from investors (hardly surprising considering the yield for Italian bonds have been hovering above the critical 7% for some time now)  Japanese 10 & 20 year Bonds are up for renewal soon and we should expect a similar result there.  Underpinning the world currency market is… the world’s reserve currency – the US dollar!

No surprises that the US is leading the charge for war-mongering and fear-mongering so that everybody accepts the terms of financial repression then…


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