Boycott corporate censorship – participate in black march

From Thursday 1st March 2012 to Saturday 31st March 2012 you can actively participate in a boycott of corporate interests in censoring the internet – involved in preventing the music artists from deciding whether they enforce copyright for consumption of their music, whether actors will become unpopular endorsing laws which damage all our civil liberties and enforce censorship and whether game software companies will also be advocates of a bill which allows total shutdown of any website -whether it offers technological information and advancement of technology indirectly or constitutes copyright infringement.

The boycott involves ‘(not buying) a single record.  Do not download a single song legally or illegally.  Do not go to see a single film in cinemas or download a copy.  Do not buy a DVD in the stores.  Do not buy a videogame.  Do not buy a single book or magazine’

The boycott is to hit home a message where it hurts.  The profit margins.  This is to prevent the media lobby (Fox, CBS, MPIAA, UMG and many others ) from being party to lobbying US congress to tell government when and where to censor the web – without a single third-party being present to represent the people.   This decision is up to the courts to decide – this is why the courts were established.  Just as it is up to the courts to decide if you are a criminal, just as if you are to be compensated for damages by corrupt wrongdoings by a judiciary, just as it currently is up to the courts to decide if a website has committed copyright infringement and needs to be shut down.

This is the current law which we have to work with.  This new, pre-judicial law is a blatant censorship of the internet and the subsequent arrest of Megaupload bad-boy Kim DotCom, is merely a frame of a unsavoury character to arm the public sentiment for the next level of repression against that very same, unsuspecting public.  It is also a cover for the failed SOPA/PIPA laws which have just been dropped.

Don’t fall for it!  Boycott the US media lobby and worldwide media cartels associated with them!!  They are influencing governments – who in turn have directly influenced in these media companies (watch Keiser Report ‘Hollywood cons congress’ for more information)

This is also extensively proven through the associations of the worlds largest companies through recent research in Switzerland.  

Don’t forget – Apple downloads (iTunes and other apple- related downloads) and non-subscriber services will also have to be boycotted.

It is also extremely important to note thatwith the relentless power of media marketing, people are extremely flippant and brainwashed by subliminal messaging.  The movement for the 2012 black march boycott has to be a meme which is powerful enough to hit a ‘critical-mass’ of 1/10th of the population to convey any real results through analytical statistics later.  In order to achieve more we have to relentlessly hit the mainstream with this message.   Good luck everybody!



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