All killer, no filler

On a day where bad news dominated the headlines, there was certainly enough cover filler for the msm to attempt distract elderly grandmothers and surface-level browsers from reaching the truth (enter Fergie, Celebrity big brother contestants, Top Gear offending India and so forth)

A bombshell in waiting with Tony Blair and M16’s involvement in rendition in Libya Already reports have come out that Scotland Yard will not be charging any British spies for their involvement in possible torture, abduction and extradition of terror suspects.  Given what we know of previous terror suspects (that these were trained adjutants planted by Britain or the US to destabilise specific strategic targets) or given the change of treatment of ally/trading partner to tyrant/terrorist (i.e. gadaffi) we can assume, cynically, that all this will just be swept right under the carpet.

As those reading Max Keiser will know, Greeks facing austerity would be horrified and outraged to learn that the drachma has lost more than quadruple its value over the euro since they joined according to a Zero Hedge post. This isn’t the only bit of economic revelation coming to light at present (Max’s show today is called ‘Death by thousand revelations‘ btw)

With the bailouts for banks and (now) sovereign debt, with severe austerity facing the Eurozone, banks have hoarded all the money to be stored at the ECB.  This illustrates the fragility of the situation.  Trillions of euros in credit have achieved absolutely nothing to the deficit, instead allowing nations space to continue watching in horror while their inflated stock market and assets deflate alongside a devaluing set of currencies (set off by Quantative Easing) In the meantime those responsible are left off Scott free while the public are left with the bill – cheque please!

While the Euro crumbles, legislature comes out hard and fast defending the single currency.  This doesn’t prevent the reality of the situation from being reported, such as Spain’s economy falling by 7%.   Meanwhile, when viewed that the Eurozone contributes a huge percentage of German GDP it is laughable for people to expect there to be any weather from the storm.  As usual, the news is to lie to us and make us look elsewhere than into the lion’s mouth to take affirmative action.

Merkel was quoted in the Telegraph today showing complete relevance to a leader running this particular pantomime, in the title of her doctorate “Investigation of the mechanism of decay reactions with single bond breaking and calculation of their velocity constants on the basis of quantum chemical and statistical methods”.  So, not expecting any manipulation of fact in politics and economics, all very clear and straightforward then?

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