Wikipedia to take a stand against SOPA – Twitter boss ridicules Jimmy Wales

A coordinated digital protest resulting in a blackout of services, when thousands of websites will suspend their services to the web in protest to the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect I P Act (both effectively censoring the internet rather than going through the currently more-than-adequate legal system) will go ahead on Wednesday 18th January 2012.

Certain net neutral sites announced they would suspend services for 12 hours but Jimmy Wales announced Wikipedia would go ahead with a full 24 hour strike, showing a bold and much needed display of conscientiousness against such strong-arm tactics to break the web.   Twitter announced it will not be partaking in such demonstrations and then went one further when Dick Costolo called Wales’ actions ‘Silly’ and ‘foolish’

This is hardly surprising.

Costolo knows it’s important not to be ‘silly’ and ‘foolish’ when strong-arm tactics are used demanding the usual rule of law and privacy is suspended when the corporate lobby come asking for users information – after all, he handed Federal judges details of Wikileaks supporters accounts for the FBI/CIA to look at so… why bother supporting such protests when you can merely play with the winning side (of fascists) and even throw insults at those individuals/organisations who had the balls to stand up to that which you didn’t?

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