economic confessions

This has been the hardest part of my last few years – reconciling my feelings toward finance, money, society and empire. I have spent some time in the past commenting on financial activism and perspectives I knew little about. These were misinformed and although they arose some interesting points of view were essentially garbage (no offense to anyone who enjoyed what I had to say. I enjoyed saying it at the time btw) now I think I have a better handle on things thanks to some incredibly smart people who see what is going on as it really is, which is akin to a hamster going around a wheel in a maze upon a maze in the human psyche which is eternal etc etc. There is no end to surprise in the manifestation to such a thing as it constantly updates to the current conditions.

Economics is merely the energy of human potential. By force, by will or by law. Either way, you get the desired potential. A collapsing economy is still an economy when the herd trade in herd commodities – even if the denominator is something crass like fiat currency. Beyond this, we are heading into a massive loss one way or another. Something has to give within society.

My main economic concern is one of a future for the next generation, something which is looking unlikely under current conditions. We will make it through this (probably) but some major shit will have to hit the fan in order for it to do so. Until then expect all manner of scumbags to get away with murder and expect no less that your humble orrator to point it out as applicable!

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