2015 November update

This blog has lay dormant for some time. Many things have happened over the course of three years, such as the european crisis with syrian refugees, stock market realities and so on. There has been much at work as always for the hidden powers that lay beyond the curtain.

I have been awestuck by historical research I have been moving through and am looking through the lens of reactionary reporting in a different view these days – considering the impact what I write may have an impact on the real word. I am under no illusions – technologically, it is accepted that without very stern moves to hide my physical MAC address, everything I (or you) say or write is being taken down by the NSA and MI5 with links to real life names and addresses. So be it. This is beyond me. For to not speak at this stage is paramount to being an accomplice to a crime if you consider a future for your children. No shit.

Neither am I a kill joy for most of life could be considered a game, sport, competition, celebration and/or endurance contest depending on where your paticular perspective may be in life. Everyone has something to say and this is part of what makes the world go round. Piss taking is par for the course to continued playing in this game and I consider it fair sport.

On to the main feature, I expect things to play out like this: central banks have been diversifying by purchasing private assets in recent years, corellated to what Martin Armstrong has been warning about for several years now. The abuse of power from government and numerous well-known financial institutions is now public knowledge and rather well known – Just follow the trail of corrupt money that goes either way. Most importantly, observe the behaviour of legislation protecting the money flow between government and banking/wall street. This should give you all you need to know what is taking place between the financiers and the government. Whatever country, it does not matter. In whatever century, for that matter, these people/organisations behave the same: a law onto themself and above legal repercussions.

I have made some mistakes in my reporting in the past and will begin rectifying several blog posts previously made. None of these mistakes are massive, mostly anger and rage misplacing the elements slightly and exaggerating the facts somewhat. I have learnt that honest reporting is difficult and that the truth always hurts – even for a hardcore liberal, conservative, saudi prince or bhuddist monk. Okay, possibly not the monk but you get my point. Anyway, expect some decent updates if things go according to plan. If you read my previous stuff and enjoyed it or found it enlightening I’m glad I could assist – I look forward to contine to provide some alt-blog madness for your hearts to dive into at a given moment.

peace and love,


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