Clearing the Air

I had a big break from blogging due to the fact that a) I’m not very good at it and b) hardly anyone reads what I have to say anyway.  Regardless, I felt the need to do and say something rather than sitting silent.

After a long and much needed break, I realise there are some things I need to say to clear the airwaves, as my use of the English language sometimes misses the mark.

I am not politically/religiously affiliated to Islam or ISIS.  To Russia or China. To the UK or USA. To Christianity or Catholicism.  To Europe or South America.  I am not Buddist nor Jewish.  I do not think Iran has a good track record in human rights.  Or China.  Or the USA/UK.

I am not on the side of the ‘winners’ or ‘losers’.  I’m not being paid to endorse any country or one persons viewpoint (except maybe my own)

I approach things from a rather simple standpoint.

To prevent war, you must first learn to make peace.

I often attack the West with criticism, in a futile effort to correct what I see as despicable incompetence or extraordinary conspiracy to perpetuate war.  The fact is; I am a Westerner.

I have long stood for the ideals of democracy, first put forward over 3,000 years ago by the ancient Greeks and reinforced following the Industrial Revolution and Great World Wars.

These ideals have been destroyed by Kleptocracy, Corporatism, Idleness, Apathy and the Political ruling class.

It makes me sick.

Apparently, every generation or so, the lessons of the past have to be re-learnt in order for peace to be restored.  In order for this to occur, many people have to die.  I have noticed in the developed economies, that this is generally OK for the general public if it doesn’t happen to them.  Many deaths have already occurred in order for the West to stay rich.  Eventually it will be the West’s turn.

My hope is that people in the West will make a stand to prevent this outcome.  Remember, there is no peace in war.  None at all.  War is never the answer.  You do not prevent war by fighting an enemy any more than you cure a limb injury by cutting off the limb (unless it’s gangrene)


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