The Capitalist Conspiracy

G Edward Griffin wrote and produced ‘The Capitalist conspiracy’ 43 years ago, using undeniable evidence to support his claims that the economic power structures that govern us, such as fiat currency, government and banking, are in fact a conspiracy designed perfectly to enslave the common man. His work in communicating this reality; giving us evidence to confront the horrors of war, media and government is outstanding. There are few in the field of economic and social science capable of weaving together a picture so vivid in its depiction of evil and yet spoken so intelligently to still inspire hope. Some say hope is for fools. That being the case – maybe the time for being foolish has at last come.

Griffin’s argument that societal control is enacted through the people without their even knowing is noteworthy, as it is laid bare in such a simple way to reveal this truth to the viewer, yet 43 years on, such views still get sidelined as a conspiracy or fringe viewpoint.

As we have gone through numerous recent world events; 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan & the war on terror, the GFC of 2008, The Arab Spring, The London riots, Southern European loss of sovereignty, Libya, Iran, and many more – these have all been shown to have numerous conspiratorial tendencies and dimensions. I will outline these as follows.

1. 9/11 – the ability of emotional victims of a staged event seems to have got the better of common sense where some basic facts have been refused answers from the establishment and questioned by numerous experts.

“Two planes crash into two buildings – and three fall down” is a statement I have seen written recently, simplifying the unfaltering outlying logic. How could this be? Numerous demolition experts have shown that only buildings lined with explosive charge collapse exactly like the Three World Trade buildings did.

The third building, WTC7 (which was nowhere near the explosions and was untouched and suffered no impact or damage) fell at free-fall speed. There was gold – lots of it – held in the vaults underneath WTC7, and reports showed armoured delivery cars underneath the building at the time of the impact of the planes on the other two buildings taking gold in underground tunnels beneath the WTC complex. There has been no official explanation of this incident.

The reaction of the American people following this, and the subsequent passing of the Patriot Act, allowing the US government to attack anyone in any country without question, is an example of the elite’s psychology at work- the politics of fear.

“Does anyone care what Americans think?

They’re the worst-educated people in the First World.

They don’t have any thoughts, they have emotional responses, which good advertisers know how to provoke.”

Gore Vidal

2. Iraq: Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction. Oil and power in the Middle East was proven to have been the goal for this staged event.

3. Afghanistan: See 9/11. The Taliban were trained by the British and funded by Washington to fight the Soviets during the cold war in the 1980’s. Who gets the blame for this? Washington and Britain or the Afghanis? You guess.

4. The War on Terror: Follow Griffin’s essay; The Grand Deception; A Second Look at the War on Terrorism

5. The GFC of ’08: We now know that events such as the 1929 stock market crash were caused to create opportunity for very powerful banking interests who were granted immunity from the law for their actions. This is the lie of free market capitalism. There is no free market.

A lot of us a becoming more and more tuned into this by writers and filmakers such as Griffin and the likes of modern journalists, broadcasters, historians and economists like Max Keiser, Steve Keen, Mish Shedlock, Karl Denninger, Jim Rickards, James Turk and Mike Maloney. This is the area which suffers from the greatest efforts to cover up conspiracy, even though – in action – this is the most obvious area for central control. Those new to this should start off watching Griffins ‘The creature from Jekyll Island

Consider the facts presented in ‘The Capitalist Conspiracy’ from 1969 “When the government goes into debt, it borrows that money from the federal reserve system. The national debt presently is at the 400 billion mark. Just to pay the interest on this debt, taxpayers are forced to contribute 20 billion dollars every year” Apply this to 2012 and look at the 16 trillion the US currently owes – and then look at the hundreds of Billions that Southern Europe is forced to undergo payment for.

6. The Arab Spring: Unfortunately, although I’d like to think that the people of Egypt and Libya have shown initiative to stand up against corrupt regimes, some work was done uncovering an organisation that is bankrolled by the CIA and Washington and is based in central/eastern Europe that orchestrated the coup in Egypt that ousted Mubarak.

7. The London Riots: The same applies to the UK, where police murder and brutality toward Mark Duggan and his family resulted in a community rising up, followed by an orchestrated hit on shops throughout the UK. The youths were said to have been using blackberry messenger and mobiles to communicate with older ringleaders who directed the smash and grab. It seems highly likely, perhaps even obvious, that this was a well-laid Hegelian dialectic to then enforce such legal oppressive restrictions that are now in place in the UK.

8. Southern Europe’s loss of sovereignty: The Euro project has subverted the system of democracy supposedly enabling representation for the people of Europe by bankrupting nations, overthrowing elected governments and leaders and then enforcing ‘technocrats’ to take over these bankrupt nations, all overseen by the IMF and the Troika. An economic collapse engineered by the same people who engineered the GFC of ‘08. Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve play a big part in the Euro farce.

Also consider the fact that WWII was entirely profitable for those in power. Wall Street made good business during the war and funded the rise to power of many war criminals – including Hitler, Franco and Musolini. The GFC looks suspiciously like another attempt to goad the euro nations to war – much to the profit of the elites once again.

9. Libya: Gaddafi was once considered a tyrant. During the cold war, western nations opposed Gaddafi for attempting to supply the Russians with nuclear weapons hidden in various cargo destined for the USSR. In 1997, when Labour took power in the UK, Tony Blair was allies with Gaddafi and British companies started working extensively with the Libyans and the oil trade boomed. This was wiped clean when the Conservatives seized power and Washington, the UK conservative party and France waged war with Libya.

Berlusconi was allies with Gaddafi at the time and Italian journalists discovered that the French along with Britain had planned the air strike campaign months in advance and had also forged an alliance with the Libyan rebels (one more example of the capitalist conspiracy in action, funding ‘terrorism’)

10. Iran: America started financial war with Iran last year, removing them from world trade indexes through SWIFT. Since then Iran has had sanctions against it and trade in dollars was then promptly outlawed by Ahmadinejad. Following these events there has been a resulting hyperinflation to the Iranian fiat currency, the Rial.

All of these staged world events have allowed governments to seize more and more power from the people.

Griffins answer to this power play by the world’s elite is simple:

“What then is our response?

Fortunately it’s not necessary that we resolve the historical question of the conspiracies origin. Regardless of whether there is one controlling group or two cooperating, or three competing or four, or ten. In practical terms of what can be done about it, our response must be the same.

Conspiracy, as it operates at the highest level in the United States today, rests upon two solid foundations, and enjoys the protection of shelter. If we could knock out its foundations it will collapse, and if we could strip away its shelter, it would wither and die. The shelter is secrecy. The foundations are: big government and manipulation of money. No conspiracy can stand the light of exposure. No conspiracy can rule the masses without the tool of an extensive government bureaucracy, and certainly no capitalist conspiracy can long survive without control over the nation’s money.

Expose the conspiracy, Reduce the size of government, Return our money to a standard that cannot be manipulated. This must be our response.”

Did you get that?

Expose the conspiracy

Reduce the size of government

Return our money to a standard that cannot be manipulated.

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