The anti-cannabis mainstream press come out (yet again)

Today has seen an onslaught of anti-cannabis articles in the Independent, telegraph and other press sources. Unsurprisingly, the articles are calling for assessment of cannabis’s ‘unsafe’ chemical contaminants – namely carcinogens – which are cancer-causing compounds.

What all articles fail to mention is that numerous studies on cannabis were shown that cannabis shrunk tumors and even completely cured cancer, by the miracle of nature that CBD and THC and what they do to cells in the body. This effect totally negates the effect of the higher-than-tobacco level of carcinogens contained in cannabis. The articles also fail to mention that medicinal cannabis (intended for cancer and MS sufferers) is not smoked – it is ingested – and this greatly reduces the amount of carcinogens absorbed by the body.

Another blow for press freedoms eh? Keep it going – you’re all giving us total faith in the mainstream!


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One Response to The anti-cannabis mainstream press come out (yet again)

  1. Peter Reynolds says:

    Thanks for your efforts on this. An appalling exposition of how to cherry pick evidence, add in conjecture, opinion and a little scaremongering to produce propaganda:

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