Revolutionary Technology – Anti-matter and fusion energy

M.T. Keshe is an inventor and nuclear physicist who has made extraordinary progress in developing plasma reactors. Not only are these breakthroughs in energy generation but also breakthroughs in our models of physics and the scientific world – leading to greater understanding of the world around us and in science and nuclear medicine.

You can view his inventions and work at

M.T. Keshe’s technology takes a step towards getting mankind off the dangerous path we have been on thus far – producing power from nuclear, oil and other dangerous and polluting sources.  Instead we can produce electricity from the ingenious natural fusion which is abundant in nature.  How does it work?  I have used two videos that the Keshe Foundation released four years ago to demonstrate some of Keshe’s concepts.

Firstly, Keshe discusses the basic construction of the Neutron (plasma) – making complex concepts clear for the layman. The interesting concept here is that traditionally the three basic elements are: The Matter, the Anti-matter and the dark matter. In western science, the matter is considered the most important tangible element of the plasma, as the matter has form and mass. In Keche’s model, it is the anti-matter which is the most important, central element of the plasma – likened to the sun at the centre of a solar system – and the matter is a by-product of the presence of the anti-matter in the neutron. If this model is correct, it presents a truly remarkable breakthrough in nuclear science and medicine. The implications are truly staggering.

Here is M.T. Keche demonstrating a prototype of the plasma reactor, a plastic bottle using a smaller version of the same technology which Keshe has developed for large-scale commercial and industrial use


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