Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver: View from the bunker

In the satirical dramatisation of Jamie Dimon’s ‘shortcomings’ (ahem) there is much joviality and idealism.  Idealism in price discovery and distribution of wealth and idealism in justice being served.  That aside, it is a funny concept (not to make light of he gravity of those who commit war crimes) and many wise men have told me the best way to voice dissent against would-be oppressors is to take the piss out of them.

For those who are uninitiated on the subject:

JP Morgan are accused on flooding the stock market with paper silver to suppress the price.  This has two effects

1. It keeps the silver price artificially low to manufacture tech, process food and purify water, medical applications etc… all of these applications contribute to a higher-than-average GDP level in a credit-based economy which is looked on as a favorable exchange by TPTB.

2. It keeps JP Morgan from crashing in value as the inventory of JPM is based on physical commodities (like silver and gold) which JPM does not own.  Paper contracts for silver (and gold) keeps the price low so JPM will not go bankrupt in the event of a ‘margin call’

Silver – Silver is a metal that is becoming rapidly depleted in supply.  It is estimated to run out at current use near 2018 – but with reduced economic output it will still be depleted by water and food processing and technological/medical applications (all of which are essential) by roughly 2025.

Jamie Dimon – the CEO of JPM and, without a doubt, the guy who knows what’s going on with the silver manipulation in the COMEX (commodities exchange)  More than likely, Dimon is co-ordinating efforts with a number of senior FED representatives and Goldman Sachs representatives but this is mostly the stuff of conspiracy rather than the factual silver manipulation which is proven.

Max Keiser – Financial Journalist who started the campaign ‘Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver’

Blythe Masters – British-Born executive in JP Morgan and head of JPM’s Commodities division, controlling such commodities as silver and gold.

Zero Hedge – Blog and news site which is built up by contributions from Wall Street insiders.  Big on the games that TBTF banks like JPM Chase, Citi, GS and BoA are upto since the momentous events of 2008 and Lehman Bros.  ZH covers the manipulation of gold and silver extensively, along with Goldman’s activities in Europe and in the U.S. along with major financial fraud.

The Two Bears – animated bears with computer generated voices describing the antics of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.  These videos have circulated on youtube and Zero Hedge and are attempting to explain the silver manipulation in layman’s terms.

Silver Liberation Army (S.L.A.) – collective investors and citizens of the world who buy physical silver and take it off the market, knowing its true value.  The SLA formed from activists, financial bloggers and conscientious investors who followed Max Keiser and Zero Hedge.

This video is set after Max Keiser, the SLA and Zero Hedge have taken enough silver off the market to force the price up to $500 per ounce.  This price will be achieved when there are major physical shortages and physical delivery is no longer possible. It is currently around $28 an ounce.


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