Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver

JP Morgan were just revealed to have lost $2B in ‘synthetic’ property loans. Jamie Dimon has quickly come out and openly admitted his guilt and shares in the company crashed 6% at end of trading.

JP Morgan (in case you’re wondering, he’s the cute looking fella in the top right of ‘The Truth Hurts’ header above swinging his cane at the cameraman) have been instrumental in defrauding the taxpayer and receiving some of the most generous bailouts since the 2008 crisis, they openly control the majority of derivatives contracts (things which make the economy crash and make bankers rich while workers become poor) They are a central source of many, many of life’s current miseries.

Max Keiser has been running a campaign for about two years now due to JP Morgan’s manipulation of the silver market. Silver is incredibly cheap right now because JP Morgan have been flooding the market with paper contracts to suppress the price. Numerous wealthy hedge funds that are aware of JP Morgan’s antics have been buying up physical silver because an endgame is near. When the truth is revealed about the actual amount of investable silver, JP Morgan’s naked short selling and the dollars coming demise by debasement (printing money or Quantitative Easing) we will see much higher silver prices which will not come back down again for a very, very long time.

This is your opportunity to make history and be part of the change. It only takes $30 or £20 to buy a silver coin. Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver


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