We’re still waiting… We haven’t forgotten…

A special Friday the 13th post. This only happens once in a while, so here is a reminder to us all of why action is necessary.

….and we will take action….

…about Kissinger, Nixon, Vietnam and Cambodia. This lie of American imperialism caused millions of deaths in Vietnam and set off the killing fields in Cambodia.

….about the creation of the Federal Reserve at Jekyll Island with the Rockerfellers, JPMorgan and the Rothschilds. This criminal institution has impoverished millions of people worldwide and benefited the very richest, as its founding members illustrate.

….about the founding of the secret societies of the trilateral commission, the skull and bones, the freemasons, the Atlantic Bridge and many others – whose members include the richest and most powerful people on the planet. We will investigate you and your crimes.

….about the continued exploitation of nations, societies and people through economic oppression.  The plundering and slavery is evident through hundreds of years of human history and yet we are bought off cheaply with luxury goods, technology and apparent home ownership and stock market participation.   What is evident is that we need to CHANGE THE LAW on economic activity.  Reparations are not just due, they are overdue.

…about the sale of the UK’s assets through Thatcher’s and Major’s Conservative party reign in the 80’s/90’s. Selling off British Rail and collapsing British Steel works, coal industry and eroding the rights of all workers and unions.

….about Tony Blair and George Bush starting an illegal war with Iraq with false evidence for WMD’s, despite HUGE worldwide protests.

….about Gordon Brown selling all the UK’s gold at a historic low.

…about Tony Blair passing laws that have prevented protest from a democratic voting public – which has been further eroded by the Cameron/Clegg coalition.

….about Cameron, the French and the illegal war with Gaddafi

…about Tony Blair taking advisory roles in Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan following his departure from politics (with massive payroll) and the creation of his two mega investment banks.

….about the entirely illegal bailout of the worlds largest banks – actioned by all the world leaders in every country. That was OUR money. Now we suffer austerity. WHAT PLANET DO YOU LIVE ON?! Think you can get away with it? We’ll see….

They lie, the cheat, they steal. They don’t answer these questions. They push forward more agenda and play on the vacuous and encumbered nature of the general public.

Get up and fight back

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