Information saturation working against the people

Historically, we couldn’t be closer to a tipping point.  Austerity has sent the developed world into recession.  Deficit spending is at an all time high.  Debt is totally out of control.  Oil prices are high, with tanker strikes forthcoming in Britain and other parts of the world feeling the pinch.  Public sectors are striking as never before.  World government leaders are implicated in the taking of bribes and imparting political favour with multinationals and financial corporations.  News corp has been proven as a criminal organisation and yet is fighting the charges and continuing to peddle propaganda.

Yet we are focusing on few of these events in any depth and instead finding a break from all this madness with the usual time-fillers and entertainments as we always did.

The corruption  continues – the debt soar – yet we turn the other way and try to find some solace.  Enjoying a beer with friends, having a night in, watching a concert or enjoying the fruits of our labour doesn’t stop.  In fact, at times like these we start to really appreciate the good things which we can share with friends and the world around us.

Information is spreading through the internet at an ever-increasing rate.  A cursory glance and the information seems to be disparately placed amongst the internet.  A more thoughtful glance and it seems as if the corporate and the business, the technological and the consumer focused, the financial and consumable product advertising – and even the blogosphere – is purposely filled with information in order to allow these distractions to take us away from dealing with the rotten issues that are pushing on the worlds’ human inhabitants.

There have always been good things and bad things and undoubted always will – as sure as night follows day.  We are at a period where there is surely no shelter from our actions without some consequences – be it societal, be it ecological – but these can not be postponed indefinitely.

What we can be sure of is that as history has proved to us time and time again, is that history can, will – and does – repeat itself.

As governments are replaced by corporate stooges and people are told they will not receive pensions, welfare, healthcare or education – as unemployment continues to rise throughout the Euro Zone in general.  As GDP estimates are wildly optimistic for all developed countries, where growth is literally flat-to-down.  As the baltic dry index has been indicating for a year or so, that world trade has been contracting at an alarming rate.  As industries contract and liquidity is placed under scrutiny at the same time as liquidity is being injected as never before through very tightly-controlled channels – such as the investment banks. As teacher strikes demanding rights of teachers into the politics of education, an education system which is being crushed under spending targets and national initiatives designed to tackle the social dis-functionality of families.  The families are part of a society which is being affected by the other key issues.As infrastructure and public services are sold off, endebting the people further with private charges, overheads and corporate ponzi schemes.

Yet – there’s so much information out there, in one form or another, that the ship keeps sailing.  But for how long on its present course?

One thing is for sure, the past is easily recognisable for its lies and cover ups.  People know – albeit, with a lot of other information to fill the gaps – what the truth is now.  We all know who is responsible and who has been telling porky pies when TSHTF.

Watch history repeat itself once more, in all its horror, beauty, comedy and tragedy on the big screen we call life.

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