UK citizen dissent against ‘patriotism’ will be crushed – welcome to Orwell’s vision made reality

A remarkable series of events have unfolded which has been largely untold by the UK media – a young British man of Arab descent in Yorkshire who posted a comment on Facebook about the nature of British soldiers killing in the name of ‘democracy’ will be sentenced in a UK court for ‘hate crimes’

It is conceivable that Azhar Ahmed will not be imprisoned.  His argument which led up to the offending statement offers us all a look at the true war crimes which have been committed in the name of ‘democracy’.  The UK government will counter this and say any hate speech is not permitted.  As the article above at ‘Sign Of The Times’ states – what then about the nature of hate speech which is permitted to resonate from the likes of the BNP and the EDL?

As a statement about the nature of war crimes committed by the UK and UN, Azhar Ahmed’s public post was accurate.   He voiced his opinions well but exaggerated a little at the end and gave into the obvious anger that any conscientious bystander would feel when viewing the hypocrisy of the UK establishment.  Let me re-iterate what he said (without the offending ‘hate speech’ part for obvious reasons folks):

“People Gassin (sic) about the deaths of soldiers! What about the innocent familys (sic) who have been brutally killed! The women who have been raped.. The children who have been sliced up…”

What we have here is a construction of an argument which displays the obvious war crimes in the military occupation of British soldiers in the M.E.  A few words written in anger following this are nothing in comparison to the actual innocent human casualties which have resulted from UK intervention in Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan.

If I were a UK judge, I’d throw this case out of court immediately and begin petitioning to prosecute Blair and Cameron at the ICC in the Hague alongside Kony.

That’s probably a little too much for the corruption that exists in the establishment to bare.  “Judges’ licence revoked after three minutes tthurts? tsk tsk…  We’d better get some more reliable  judges who know their paymeister’s when they sees’ them”

Don’t bite the hand that feeds, folks.

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