Hegelian Dialectic (False Flag) being planted in London

The advance warnings of a Hegelian Dialectic are showing their signs with the distribution of this leaflet by the Metropolitan Police in London.

It’s probably nothing – in fact, it’s probably a set-up by world governments to start another war.

Remember Iraq?  Weapons of mass destruction?  They didn’t have any.  Osama Bin Laden? Connected to the Bush administration.  The Taliban? They were trained by British Special Forces to fight the Russiansthey were even funded by Washington. 

We’ve been systematically lied to about the threat of terrorism from the beginning and now (like in some kind of Machiavellian fantasy) we’re being asked to inform on our neighbors.  This is like some kind of Stazi equivalent of communism.  Of course there will always be the threat of another De Mendez – returning from work in a rush with a backpack on.

There is no terror threat.  Obviously the met police didn’t watch Michel Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”

Another sign that this will be a meme which is planted firmly in the UK is the (relative) vindication of Murdoch with the go-ahead of the Sunday Sun.  Ugghh … I feel sick imagining the lies and propaganda which will creep out, once more, from this criminal syndicate’s publications.

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