Unbelievable – fraud of 15 trillion dollars and 750,000 metric tonnes of gold

A testimony in the House of Lords by Lord David James on Feb 16th 2012 details an unbelievable 15 trillion dollars and a transaction of 750,000 metric tonnes of gold being transferred to Royal Bank of Scotland and the Hong Kong and Shanghai  Banking Corporation via the Federal Reserve and the IMF.

The three 5 trillion dollar contracts were Signed by Alan Greenspan as a witness to the Federal Reserve and signed by Tim Geithner as a witness to the IMF  The 15 trillion fabricated dollars were seemingly laundered by HSBC and RBS.

The direction of the money is as follows: “from the Riyadi account to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York it was passed through JPMorgan Chase in New York for onward transit to London.”

The function of the fraudulent credit has been traced to providing liquidity to several giant commercial and business banking corporations.  868 billion in loans were issued to Barclays bank, 541 billion was given to RBS.  Lord James raises the issue of the 46 billion owed to taxpayers from the bailouts of 2008 thus: “one has to ask, is that they could have earned in three weeks, enough to pay off their entire indebtedness to the taxpayers of Britain, why they have not done so and can we please ask them to put a check in the post for the whole 46 billion.”


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