Financial Meltdown Imminent

Unfortunately, I’ve not had time to turn my attention to the usual issues of corruption, governments and war.  Instead I’ve been transfixed to the imminent financial meltdown of the entire monetary world.

At present, inflation is increasing and shows sign of increasing further.  To add to this houses, pensions and investment are deflationary and these assets are sinking.  What’s that –  Simultaneous inflation and deflation, you say?  Yes indeed.  It really is a complete mess our governments and the banking cartel have led us to.

What is happening is long-term assets such as homes and pensions are losing value, where as short-term assets (such as food, clothing and other commodities) are increasing.  Why is this happening?  It’s because the whole system of economics has been played around via our governments and the banks/corporations   These are no ordinary bankers and corporations –  these are the corporations which control the worlds monetary system.

Corporations like JPMorgan who have had a significant majority of the derivatives market, the fraud which brought down Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Lehman Bros, Bear Stearns (purchased by JPMorgan 2008) et al and left devastation in swathes of the American population defrauded in the process.  Corporations like Goldman Sachs who have been instrumental in coercing congress into changing the law to suit their own economic agenda.  A large number of senior US political figures (both Republican and Democratic) are current or ex. Goldman Sachs executives.  Corporations like Citigroup, whose up-and-coming into Europe during the 90’s (under the name CitiBank) paved the way with a new corporate responsibility and code which brainwashed those in Majors government here in Britain and Blairs government after them.  They were just another investment bank – one of the investment banks which have caused the fraud through their continuous ally of political power to de-regulate laws (or in most cases simply bypass them)  Organisations such as the Federal Reserve in the USA, The Bank of England in the UK and the European Central Bank.  These ‘creators of money’ have been lending to world governments for decades and the interest is picked up by the tax payer.  Such a scheme is illegal and exploitative – and shows signs of a ‘slavery model’ which has not been truly scrutinised for what it really is.

Ahead of the rushed G20 meeting set to a backdrop of synchronised worldwide protests there are rumors that at the end of the meeting they will announce the biggest banking bailout in history.  This is tied into Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy etc….  The future of the Euro depends on their survival.  Greece (as an example) has seen Proton bank (the largest new Greek bank) recently bailed out during investigation for fraudulent deals and money laundering.

The infrastructure for the corporate banking theft model is the most widely replicated and reproduced meme on the market!  The tragedy of the commons explains why those with power to create such a system create it, and when knowing how to exploit it do just that – because everybody else is doing it too.

The stock market has illustrated signs of a serious recession in its behavior in the past 12/18 months.  Despite all the raw data – governments, banks, city reporters and journalists are not playing with the raw data.   Manipulation within the stock market via QE, bolstering fiat strength (surely printing money would do the opposite?) and large leverage through derivatives and stock holdings in the commodities market (possibly fraudulent but who am I to be cynical at this stage) have presented us with increasing inflation but lower prices for these markets.   It appears they have been lying to us.

The end of this next week may be the time our world governments (via the G20 summit) announce the largest bailout in history needs to be given to all the large banking corporations.

We have every reason to stop them.

The most common reason for war is money.

Wars have historically driven societies through recessionary periods – we have to stop the recession from being to a head by more fraud and money printing.  Or else we risk something far worse than the increasing price of eggs and milk.

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