Todays ‘Non-News’ items, presented by the MSM

Non-news is good news – especially if you’re a senior editor in one of the flagship delivery ports.


Today is Thursday 13th October and the news is…


Liam Fox:  The focus of this ministry of defense fall-guy is to provide cover for the other shysters operating in government and big business.  While the public are distracted – cover your tracks! (note that Fox deserves scrutiny – but not nearly as much as he has recieved.  Smoke and mirrors)

U.S. ‘Iran plot’ – I’m pretty sure this is a poor effort in seducing voters into more war.  Investigative journalists, beware the US war machine.

Gaddafi sons located: Yet more cover for what is essentially an illegal war.  Continually justify something and people eventually give up asking whether it was right or not in the first place.


It’s impossible to call journalists on the ground to arms when – as we’ve seen with the Murdoch farce – the editorial/corporation holds all the cards and is immune to scrutiny.  Where are the stories covering the cover up!?


Next week, oil prices up – TV prices down… Keep the public entertained and distracted.


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