What the UK riots are really all about…

It is silly really.  Reading lots of peoples comments on forums and blog posts, huffing and puffing about what they think the riots are about.

There are lots of half truths flying around – some of which are incredibly inflammatory – and get close to the truth, but ultimately miss the mark.  It may surprise you to hear that these nearly true observations are the comments which are creating some controversy on the issue.  I am appalled at reading right wing comments which misinterpret the issue.  I can only side with the rioters and fight back harder at the power structure in order to adjust the balance.

The truth is, the problems we are reaping comes from centuries of aristocratic rule, slavery and exploitation.  It is still going on – look at the dominance of the European stock market, the capitalist financial systems and wars waged in our name.

If you defend or stand by these racist and classist comments, you side with the political class who, not only helped create this mess but also defend the evil which lurks within British aristocracy and power systems.

Consider this point carefully: England is based upon centuries of cultural oppression and an allegiance with European power structures which was consolidated in the families of the Rothschilds, Warburgs and extended into American newcomers such as Rockefeller and JP Morgan.

The power sharing which continued has been documented through history and I have previously posted about it.  Oh look, there on my banner are some images: The logo of the world bank… I wonder what that means… Consolidation of financial power perhaps…  Then there’s some powerful men – these are the Rockerfellers… and then the spoils of war.

Despite the distaste you may have for NWO theories, it is undeniable that the legacy of slavery, war for economic control and continued exploitation of the world by European financial markets are central to the issues we are seeing in England.  So, like it or not, this issue is about race, it is about class and it is about addressing the balance.  The right-wing retaliation I am reading is as pathetic as it is sick.

Society is sick?  Yeah, that much is right Mr Cameron.  It is sick that, whilst cutting the welfare state, public services and infrastructure of the UK, you go on holiday to a holiday home in Tuscany.  Your government failed to properly punish MP’s who fiddled their expenses, that MP’s are rewarded with, not just a large salary, but lengthy perks including other financial rewards, such as expenses and hedge funds – not to mention contracts in some of the most lucrative (and immoral) thievery projects in the world.

You bailed out the banks, when they did nothing but rob us blind for years, you display the most astonishing hypocrisy when addressing the social media – not only excusing, but applauding its use in the fall of regimes in Libya and Egypt – only to condemn its role in Britain.  Your government continues to support the lobbies which bring endless bloodshed to the world and empower the arms race – with no justification to its existence except nonsensical arguments on terrorism and extremism, whose actions have not justified the overblown military occupations and forces you wield.

You empower the media with corruption – which has only just been exposed – then pretend that this was no mutual arrangement and that Murdoch was the one bullying you. Shall we just pretend that you did not benefit from this arrangement?  (this is so complicated it is a whole other blog).  You lied about electoral pledges on tuition fees, taxing the rich, investing in British industry (instead of continued exploitation of poorer third world countries and lining corporate tax dodgers pockets), cutting the NHS, Education, the free market, banking culture and much more.

To leave this responsibility on just one person is not fair – and it is not honest.  Blair’s Labour government was just as bad.  Every government has failed to prevent the inevitable from occurring.

Dress it up as you wish.  For the average British reader, it may have nothing to do with the price of eggs, your green recycling scheme and monthly donation to oxfam/greenpeace etc or the civilised Britain you grew up in.  Consider this: It is just the chickens coming home to roost.  This country, of all countries in the western world, deserves it more than most.


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