There’s more to life than money…

Our predicament surrounding financial meltdown – and related corporations, government and banking cartel – is now pretty much fixed.  We can say all we like about the situation, point fingers and attempt to hold people to account – what good will this do?  A lynch mob is a very bad thing indeed.

For a quick parallel with other financial events through history gives us some perspective.  We would see that the Wall Street Crash of 1927 is the most obvious previous encounter with rampant capitalism, investors, government, tax payers and banking conglomerates.   We can see, however,  an even earlier example of a monarch/government/trading partnership in the South Sea Bubble, which resulted in huge losses with the customers of the south sea company (including banks and goldsmiths) who went bankrupt.  Government corruption as well as the obvious fraudulent behavior of the company directors meant drastic measures were needed.  Parliament redeemed itself by confiscating the funds of the south sea directors and bankers were tied up in sacks filled with snakes and cast into the Thames!

So to complete the cycle, one would merely have follow on with more punishment, public humiliation and follow governments lead.  Then we will have succeeded in repeating history once more.

We would do well to approach the situation with more intent – less reaction – in order to do something realistic about the source of the problem.

Some consistent evolutionary behaviorology which plays a big part in the concept of a civilised and creative society can be seen in a ‘tit-for-tat’ approach.  This would not mean ‘an eye for an eye’!

How could we enforce it?  Would we go to government and pass new laws… Frankly, that decision displays a lack of any fundamental understanding and is nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction.  The concept that our collective good can be met by a few powerful institutions has been disproved time and time again throughout history as well.  Not to mention the sad reality that it was these power institutions that caved in to demands by the banking cartel and very recently – gave them all of our money!

As the concept of altruism and the evolution of a society is to be self sufficient and sustainable it is up to the collective within society to take this responsibility.

As ‘the tragedy of the commons’ displays, individuals knowing that the system is wrong and can be exploited – and therefore choosing to exploit it anyway – are responsible for the systemic collapse of the ‘common’.  Yet without a rather long-winded and painful process of weeding out those who attempt to destroy the harmonious balance of society, we could not hope to live in a fair and just society.  This does mean, however, the public humiliation, disgrace and publicly understood knowledge of those who attempt to defraud us, is in fact a necessary evil.

As press is a hot topic at the moment and some possibility that the press could be, somehow, connected to the very same institutions that have defrauded us, cannot be ruled out.  When dealing with cartels such as The Fed, the IMF and The World Bank and considering some people connected to them, press control is part of the agenda.

While the leaders of  Euro pact is bailing out those countries that default, financial ringleaders (such as those mentioned earlier) are betting on the euro through more derivatives – those same financial anomalies which contributed to the sub-prime collapse of 2008.  We can be sure that the losses will be huge and the players in this – fighting for the solidarity of the European union – understand the true meaning of power in such a large conglomerate.  We can also assume they understand George Soro’s analogy for ‘compartmentalisation’ – so therefore understand why the Euro will fail.

Just to add more confusion – the leaders of some of these ideologies (such as players in Goldman Sachs) are believers in things such as Ayn Rand’s objectivism, which rejects of ethical altruism – the one thing which has any intent of good behind it.

While we are witnessing the imminent collapse of the Eurozone because of an ‘experiment’ – we would do well to look at the UK economy and ask ourselves: What is happening at home?

After reading an article by Andy Duncan which shows that in the same week as the UK riots, over 10% of the pound sterling value was wiped out!  Conveniently, the UK papers were too busy covering the riots to notice.

When we start seeing the hemp sacks filled with bankers and snakes, laying in the Thames, it will all make sense, I’m sure.

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