Fighting back at the war machine

I created this site and began posting blogs for one main purpose – to attempt to stop and raise awareness of war.  Wars are fought across the globe in many names: religion, economics, democracy, more recently – terrorism.  Yet, wars are still justified by government.  Wars are justified by the press and media.  War is never justified.

Right now, while England sleeps, weapons which were produced by European teams (Dutch, German, British, French) are being used around the globe.  The means of selling them has been legitimised.  If you want more information about this, I recommend reading Mark Thomas’ ‘As Used on the famous Nelson Mandela’ – an expose of the British arms industry.   We have deals with US arms exporter Lockheed Martin, who control British Aerospace (allowing our holiday jets to take off and land safely).  Lockheed are also instrumental in space exploration and contribute much to NASA and other organisations.  They are also contributing to the deaths of millions of people worldwide.  The majority of the main banks invest in weapons trading and other morally dubious activities – nuclear weapons, corrupt regimes in Africa, South America and the Far East, money laundering, tax evasion et al.  These banks include, Barclays, Natwest, Lloyds (Lloyds is one of the oldest banks in the world and used to underwrite boats and trading vessels when piracy was commonplace) HSBC and many others.  Think about that the next time you withdraw some money from the hole in the wall.

Another reason I started writing was that, there simply was nothing of this in the mainstream press.  They lied to you!  They lie to everyone.  The legal system enables this.  If I wrote about this in the Observer, I would receive a letter from say, lawyers specialising in corporate law like Carter-Ruck saying Barclays is taking me to court for libel.  Now we have discovered that the mainstream press (and the government and the police) are simply acting illegally.  They are criminals.  Are the lawyers involved in this too?  I suspect they are.

Until these issues are included in any type of democratic press and media – in a way which I understand to be the truth – not watered down PC bullshit which will not incur the wrath of lawyers or the disapproval of the senior editors – I will continue to send a strong message to our world leaders and corporations associated with them.

We cannot turn a blind eye to the war machine.

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