Press bias in action – cannabis

I’m just writing a quick post to display the inherent problem with a politicised press.  As Murdoch has just been found/caught/proven red handed and some farcical actions are being made by the police, the polticians (both caught red handed!) to attempt to give the general public some confidence that these institutions are not as corrupt as they seem to be.  Meanwhile, looking at the kind of things the press publish – it’s bleeding obvious that nothing has changed and the agenda of the press is very much pre-defined and dictated by other means.

A case in point is this piece re-defining the ‘gateway’ status of cannabis.

I needn’t spend much energy presenting the theory that if cannabis was legal (like alcohol) it wouldn’t be looked at like this – it’s yet another catch 22.  This isn’t science.  This isn’t a study.  It’s a government/corporation-sponsored social engineering policy.

The biggest gripe I have with this type of journalism (if you can call it that) is that it reinforces myths which only appear real when supported by belief systems.  These beliefs, in themselves, do not constitute truths.  They are not scientifically proven, nor are able to be proven.  However, as the media/press machine reaches far and wide, these mistaken beliefs reach far and wide.

A further case in point is Peter Hitchens who (as I understand it) was rather intolerant with David Nutt during a debate o the BBC.  I was rather pleasantly surprised to hear that listeners complained in their droves about Peter Hitchens behavior (as I dislike his irrational and prejudiced stance on Cannabis).  Further information on this discussion can be found here.

Finally some good news.  As medical and scientific evidence continues to enter the web – there is little doubt that the critical mass for change is entering its final hours.  Another study has proven, once more, the effectiveness in treating cancer and fighting tumors with cannabis.

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