How arrogant and obtouse is state-controlled media?

Smoke and mirrors…. The biggest political trick , handed down from famous military annuls such as Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of war’ and enacted by numerous legendary military leaders throughout history, is being deployed right now, deployed in our own head space (web, print and television)  to continue to keep the wheels of industry turning.

While News Corp continues to distract the world’s attention, Julian Assange (remember who’s efforts have made life very uncomfortable for hundreds – maybe thousands – of criminals sitting in positions of unimaginable power worldwide), is yet again the victim of the press machines’ loaded gun. (Time, Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald)

It wouldn’t be so bad if the press had shown itself to be trustworthy through a decent track record but don’t make me laugh… The only thing you can trust with the mainstream press, is that they will back the political status quo – these are the individuals Wikileaks have proven to be corrupt and criminal.

Although there are no prizes for guessing correctly that this is what our world leaders have been up to, providing the secret documents – the source which proves this fact – and then bringing in that most hypocritical institution – that of law – is the true value of what Wikileaks has achieved.

Some may call it hacking – just as some may call some small sexual deviance ‘rape’ (when it plainly isn’t) – but let’s be clear on this: These things are petty and pale in comparison to the value for which Wikileaks stands.

The proven element of vested interest in the bias of media is something which will take many years to prove.  We may never be able to prove all the political implications of bribery and corruption which exists (and let’s face it, some acts cannot be proven – such as word of mouth agreements and favors passed on in cash-in-hand payments and promotions).  The lack of any ability to see the truth as it stands, to see it clearly and move with it, to assist the flow of transparency and place personal interest second to collective good – these are the failings of a press which has been given (as with world leaders and financial institutions) far too much power for the influence they wield.


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