Murdoch, Cameron and state-controlled media

As we are being bombarded with revelation surrounding News of the World hacking (a publication which is connected to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp empire) the facts surrounding government control approval via the takeover are being seriously downplayed.   Is this lack of representation due to the editors allegiance to the Murdoch empire, one asks?  It is quite clear that this factor is controversial and its absence from any serious debate raises suspicions and adds weight to conspiracy.

Murdoch only recently had his summer party at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a gesture which raises the possibility of government corruption, bribery and a vested interest in power and control.  These allegations are not made lightly!  We know from Berlusconi’s Italy that if the president/prime minister/premier has the media in his hand, the public will think what he tells them to think.

A big question I have not heard asked yet is: Where are the democratic principles that allow one man (with powerful governmental ties) to own a majority share of the countries/world’s media?  Just saying this is allowed due to capitalism and the free market is too easy.

I have the opinion that unless the people wake up and protest about this, the deal will go ahead.  Ironically, the only way people get to hear about this is through the media outlets – which Murdoch owns!  This is a classic catch 22 and its very existence raises concerns and begs for scrutiny.

Journalists connected to his empire are not allowed to raise these concerns – I would automatically assume their P45’s will be waiting for them shortly after they attempt to publish such a news item.

With just two days to go until the deal finally gets approved for Murdoch to own all of BSkyB, there is little doubt that something earlier in the chain went unnoticed, and that the consequences of unregulated business in the media (approved and strengthened by the government) has left us with little to say, think or act about this issue at all

While independent web loggers like myself have minute circulations of readers of around 50/100 a day, the Murdoch media circulations are in the millions.

Not much hope from where I’m standing.

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