Legitimising illegal acts with law

The insult to any moral standing is not yet complete.  Now, in the final stand between NATO and Gaddafi, the International Criminal Court approved a warrant for the arrest of Muammar Gaddafi.  What nonsense.

How can we accept anything that passes for law in this context?  The war with Libya is totally illegal, approved with no evidence or democratic processes whatsoever.  The justification for Libya over a dozen or so other war-torn states/countries does not exist and it would never have been approved should it have fallen under the microscope of a proper analysis.

What started off as a peaceful intervention (a no-fly-zone), very quickly escalated to full scale invasion.

Calling for an arrest warrant at this stage makes the law profession at best, totally impotent and at worst, supporting the power structures which have enslaved us all.

Am I the only one who sees the ICC’s credibility going down the toilet with the announcement of this arrest warrant?  However small that credibility might have been.  Miniscule.

This whole saga demonstrates how deeply the corruption permeates the fabric of our organised society.  Law is the ultimate power play.  I have stated this previously and my point still stands.

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