Window Dressing

In the recent financial turmoil that has been caused by greedy fat cats in the main investment banks, local councils have had to think hard about ways to cover up the negative effects this has had on the local community and businesses.

A simple answer to these problems does not exist and neither does blaming local councils for the fate of the suddenly less-than-receptive investors in infrastructure during these troubled times, so it’s understandable that empty shops are increasing in number along towns and cities throughout Britain.

Enfield council and the EBRA (The Enfield Business & Retailers Association) seems to be drawing attention to itself in a rather unfortunate way in its local policy of ‘dressing’ local shops and businesses that are vacant with mock ups of various shops

While local residents don’t mind some effort in the local council polishing up the streets a bit, this ‘window dressing’ reflects the way central government has dealt with the real issues related to the financial crisis.  Instead of confronting the bankrupt banking infrastructure they have asked us all to pay for their mistakes.  ‘Us all’ includes small businesses, who cannot afford to pay the hefty business rates which are difficult indeed to break even on during these cautious times.

As absurd as it is to see councils putting their name proudly on community improvement schemes like this, at a time of increased tension between the government, the banks, the unions and public sector workers, it also demonstrates the insulated environment which enables these councils to operate.  Would it really be so bad to tell the truth instead of trying to cover it up?  Fortunately, this act enables us to see what a bunch of buffoons local councils really are and indicates the complete lack of relevance in which they function!


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