This failure of mankind

While we glimpse around at the wondrous earth we inhabit we are reminded of the reckless and indulgent behaviour of profit-driven industry

Our planet has seen extreme environmental effects such as increased volcanic activities resulting in two tsunamis, unusually large rainfall leading to such things as floods in China, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand and the USA (, big shifts in the gulf stream (such as la nina and el nino,   If this wasn’t enough we have the effects of over-fishing (, continued deforestation and cash crop farming in the Amazonian basin, sustained or increased CO2 output in most major developed and developing countries, the increased and sustained use of oil as a fuel and the increased and sustained use of weapons including production of nuclear and atomic weaponry.

You can probably guess where we are leading.

Fukushima was a tragedy waiting to happen.  It is a testament to our stupidity that we continue to supply the demands of a population of consumers by providing them with electricity derived from nuclear fuel rods; electricity which enables the technology that I am using even now to write this, that enables you to read it, interconnected to a satellite network of communication signals otherwise known as the World Wide Web.

Would it be that we are looking at the final days of our technological achievements before the abundant and limitless technological mindset destroys the very limited and vulnerable earth we inhabit?  I think this is the case.

No Nuclear Future

Our government wants to provide our power-hungry consumerism with cheap, lobby-driven nuclear energy, endorsed by French energy giant EDF (  When viewing the renewable options, our government made statements which said they were looking into the ‘most profitable’ solutions/investments out of the renewable choices.  In this instance, I am calling for the immediate resignation of the person(s) who bowed to lobby pressure and endorsed the nuclear sites and to demand that the government provides a new tender for the greener future energy needs of this country.

Failure to do so amounts to the most gross crime imaginable; not just environmental negligence but bribery and corruption resulting in the destruction of our planet.  It is no small matter.

Crimes in civil war or genocide are horrific.  The pain we cause to fellow man is shocking and captures the imagination of us all.  The murder of the planet is much quieter and less ‘humanised’.  Yet, once we begin to see increased mortality in the younger generations due to cancers, birth defects and radiation poisoning wholesale – we may begin to understand, alas, once it is too late.

The total lack of responsibility of our government to make themselves accountable has not yet reached its peak.  It is less about their handling of global finances and war crimes and more about the total disregard of the earth we live in which defies belief.

What about the children?

This is something I have spent a long time thinking about.  Are politicians thick?  They endorse the wrong things (war, greed, power-sharing, multinational exploitation) yet they have children who will end up adopting these bad decisions.  They wage war against peoples of a distant land saying that the act of war will make the world safer for them and their children yet their children will suffer the consequences of their actions ten-fold (  Yet these examples play out and yet these people are still in office!  No, we are thick for not putting a stop to them.  It is our lack of responsibility for not throwing the scumbags out when we first saw it coming.

I am calling for the end of our incompetent rulers – don’t accept excuses, no compromise – overthrow this shower of shit

When a ruling party has shown they are not fit to rule – there is no question ‘anarchy’ (for want of a better word) should ensure.  It is necessary that the rulers leave – either by abdication or if needs be, by the use of force and the opposing strength.

This has shown itself, time and time again, to be the only way for society to be curbed by power mongering.  History has shown us time and time again that it was the needs of power which overthrew power.  This time, could it be that it is the desire for peace and the survival of our planet which drives this change?  One can only try to be optimistic or else there is no hope whatsoever.  Maybe there isn’t?

I call upon every person fit to stand to call our government, industry and power structures to account; to those who rule and have been impotent to act: resign now. Or we will face the consequences.  We will see these consequences as a dangerous and man-made defective planet which we inhabit.  I can only see this as an epic failure of mankind.


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2 Responses to This failure of mankind

  1. astrowright says:

    Something to consider: The Earth is more resilient than you imply. (Catastrophies of a magnitude unseen by human history have graced the planet numerous times, and yet Earth has shrugged them off and recovered.) Bear in mind that radioactivity is completely natural and is simply too effective to overlook. The Earth even forms fission reactors naturally. (See the natural geological nuclear reactor in Africa –

    The risks from nuclear power are no greater than the chemical hazards of fossil fuels or those involved in the manufacturing of solar panels. They each employ toxic materials that if exposed to humans would prove environmentally disasterous. Carcinogens all. With this in mind, the fear and dramatized environmental impacts associated with nuclear energy is itself politically-motivated. (Successful marketing, if you will.) I’m an environmental scientist and radiological engineer, myself. Scientists are skeptics by nature. Were nuclear energy as terrifying as those in power want people to believe, no scientists would accept the risk. Think about it. (Personally, after working with both, if I were given the option of choosing to work with benzene or uranium, I’d pick uranium every time. It’s much easier to measure and manage.)

    The sun, after all, is also a giant, gravity-driven nuclear fusion reactor. In harnessing nuclear energy, we’re simply following nature’s very effective lead. Two cents.

  2. tthurts says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply astrowright.

    I hear your points and accept the incredible benefits obtaining energy derived from uranium. In fact, I can accept the incredible benefits of the scientific and technological development that led to the development of nuclear power stations. Without it, we are denying ourselves of the greatness of our own times, past histories and perception thereof. Who’s to say we wont stumble upon a scientific breakthrough by our adaptations to current nuclear energy that will make our lives better than ever before? (and safer too)

    The natural nuclear fission reactor is interesting and I will give this some time to research. The statistic for an average of 100Kw as output is staggering (I wonder how this output was calculated?) and our man-made power stations outputs are tiny in comparison. I would presume the naturally occurring uranium which formed part of this chain would itself die out over hundreds of thousands of years, in the process generating immense power. A feat which no man-made structure could replicate by housing the uranium, as this would eventually erode it to the point of uselessness. A solid core of rock in the earth’s crust is the ideal place for natural occurring radioactive material to be housed.

    As it stands, we are making a right mess of disposal of nuclear materials. Had we knowledge of how to effect the half-life of radiation, to properly harness the way in which we are manipulating science for the greater good of humanity, I wouldn’t make such bold statements calling for the account of those who passed this option through. We do not. We have to slow down. We can afford to slow down! Had we have been 30 years earlier, we would not have been able to have provided an alternative, as we can now, to oil, coal, gas or nuclear. I wasn’t thinking solar panels and yes, I agree that I’m not entirely convinced of this one option to provide power solutions to our homes (especially in the perpetually cloudy United Kingdom). However, we have developed wind farm technology. Tidal power would be effective in an Island continent such as the UK. Solar would add a lot to the gaps in between. These options are costly. Who’s gonna pay for it? In steps a nuclear supplier “We’ll supply you with nuclear power and pay for it too!”

    I mentioned lobby power. This is precisely what we are seeing. As well as government looking at energy demands and worrying how these can continue to be met. Nuclear is the only option. Except is it.?

    My original call was that there are individuals guilty of bowing to lobby pressure and incompetence in forward thinking policy. ‘In my time of office’ is not acceptable.

    I am not susceptible to government fear campaigns. I am raising this issue out of my own free will and intuition. I agree we have to rid ourselves of fossil fuel dependence. We also have to move away from the current nuclear methods or face truly disastrous consequences. After all, the sun is capable of (and ultimately will be responsible for) our complete annihilation, as well as bestowing on us life-giving energy.

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