The British Government: UK Border Blunders

Spare a thought for those who come to stay in the UK and wish to acquire citizenship.  As one may expect – on top of paying taxes and undergoing thorough identity checks any persons requiring citizenship need to complete the ridiculous and totally irrelevant ‘Life in the UK’ multiple choice questionnaire.  Failure to complete the questionnaire with correct answers means your citizenship application will be denied.  So what’s in this paper then?  Some important information regarding your duties to complete a tax return?  The rules of civil law and abiding by road safety?  Or maybe questions about common courtesy, customs and manners we have here in the UK?  Nope, you’d be wrong there.

Instead we have questions such as:

In what year did women receive the right to vote?

: a)1918



Which of these countries doesn’t have a right to political assembly?





Hold on a second.  How many British nationals know the answer to these questions?  In fact, how many people outside of the remit of Whitehall, Etonian politician grooming and Westminster?  The answer goes hand in hand with the amount of commonsense that exists in parliament.  Virtually none.

Similarly, to devise such an irrelevant questionnaire and maintain it, along with the paper shufflers that exist in the home office, one needs a degree of uselessness and irrelevance.  Thankfully these attributes are never in short supply in UK government recruitment policy.

It seems fair to me, that readers of the Daily Mail should be asked such questions and then be asked how they might feel about this information if they just escaped persecution from a totalitarian regime.   Better still would be a government project set up (they can fire all the paper shufflers at the UKBA in order to fund this)  to create an exchange for Daily Mail readers to visit the countries that these people are escaping from and then be asked if their views have changed.  Would they find any relevance at all between the information in the questionnaire and the kind of information which benefits the British national?

Most importantly we should be asking ourselves:  How much of our tax money is being used to pay for expensive waste in ‘quality control’ according to these institutional figures of authority?  Incidentally, the answer to the second multiple choice question is: England does not have the right to form political assembly – We are run by the UK political assembly.  They left out the right for the English to govern as the UK was split between Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland.  They wanted some way of holding it all together.  Useless as it seems – this is the kind of legislative nonsense that has allowed our politicians to run rings around us through loopholes in the law for centuries.

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