The UK government: What hope have we got?

It has been a truly awful time to be a tax payer.  Observing the blinkered, dull, shortsighted and sheltered approach this government has adopted to a number of pressing issues leaves one with his fist in his mouth and with a sense of the impending doom (and strikes and riots and discontent) that awaits the UK in the forthcoming months.

Firstly the good news: a host of celebrities, entrepreneurs, retired policemen and politicians signed a progressive campaign to end the war on drugs (  The reasons for such a move?  The continued prohibitionist stance which wastes millions of tax-payers money, allows those in drug-trafficking to continue to suffer and has shown itself to be totally ineffective in achieving its goal.  Regulation seems like a good alternative….  The home offices official statement: ‘We have no intention of changing our stance on drug classification and sentencing’…

Hold the press, Theresa May pops out of the woodwork with a newly branded version of the farcical ‘Serious and Organised Crime Agency’ (SOCA) which will target ‘drug gangs and paedophiles’ and will be  ‘A new FBI-style crimefighting agency’ (  With the knowledge of FBI style offensives against drug cartels and the utterly expensive and wasteful war on drugs, I can see this being a lose-lose operation.  Can’t wait….

In economics, Osbourne’s plan A is seeming like a lost cause  – like trying to cover up the fact that the banks have just been bailed out and the tax payers are left with the bill….  (er… that’s exactly what it is!)  To make matters worse, the impact of falsified and (very cleverly) crafted figures for the official rate of inflation at 5% doesn’t mean a thing when households are faced with 30% inflation with every other marketable commodity.  Petrol, Gas, Electricity, Food… The cost of living is certainly not following the Chancellors expected route.   As pressure mounts we will be left with the real choice that any expert in fiscal studies would be able to tell you – stop exporting a model of growth and start maintaining the current market that exists.  Of course the banks are also inline for a big upheaval by the public.  It would be naive of me to say we expected more from a Chancellor of the Exchequer… but to be tough on banks?  Kinda like biting the hand that feeds, non?

The timing couldn’t be worse for Kenneth Clarke.  He was overseeing criminal sentencing and trying to find ways to cut costs for lower ranking criminals, but with lunatics like Theresa May in the cabinet, what hope have you got?  Incidentally, the arrest of a truly depraved paedophile who worked in a nursery in the UK two days ago makes his proposals totally unpalatable.  We have little faith in the government being able to hold back the murderers and paedophiles that have already been caught.  How can we guarantee the government won’t back track and release the prisoners early like so many that have gone before them?  We are left with a real sense of skewered priorities.

Back to the worst case of incompetence so far: The continued war on terror.  Led by Theresa ‘Headmistress’ May, Bradford and Leeds have been pointed out as ‘Islamist hotspots’ and along with schoolteachers, (who are asked to inform on students or recruiters of terrorism), areas of Britain are being brought into the spotlight for their connections to ‘terrorism’ (

Theresa May, the biggest threat to Britain is YOU.  Remember the ‘fatwa against Theresa May’?  Well, they targeted you for a reason ‘love’.  I don’t suppose you would have the sense to see much farther that the nose on your face, but the UK arms industry, financial services and long historic colonial oppression is what has caused such retaliation (and rightly so)  Should you wish to reconsider your stance (a wise move) you may wish to think hard about your sheltered background and how this may play a big part in your current views of society.   Ever heard of sharing?  No, not the type which is donated to third world countries via regulatory bodies of the government and financial services and then plowed back into British contracts (much like donations to Middle Eastern and African countries) I mean the type of government transparency which gives us advance warning before attempting to rip a country off – so we can attempt to stop you.  Because it is financially motivated acts like THAT which are the cause of ‘terrorism’.

Now excuse me while I read the rest of the news and choke on a bowl on noodles… They haven’t finished with the clown act yet.

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