Media Bias – Where do the lies stop and where does the truth begin?

What do we think?  We pick up a newspaper and read a journalists views on politics – now we see a statement from the home office.  Here comes some spin on the AV referendum.  And another publicity campaign – this time it’s big business fighting its way out of debt.  We close the newspaper.

This is exactly what happens and we don’t notice it.  It is reproduced on a massive scale with the internet – the media lobby knows that the internet is a vitally important place where we can channel a few honest realities through.  This is swiftly countered.  It is beyond the investigation of most citizens to uncover the ways in which the machinery of media bias controls the flow of stories and news.  This is done in such an insidious way that it becomes a matter of societal responsibility to hold those involved to account.  However, the slickness of the machine that runs the show leaves us with little or no evidence that this becomes little more than a conspiracy theory.  Our ideals of democracy and freedom are tested and then brought into question.  Put simply, very powerful individuals are utilising the old ‘smoke and mirrors’ that we saw all those years ago when the media was little more than word of mouth and a handful of newspaper publishing organisations.

In fact, balance between the lie of ‘free media’ and anti censorship ideology and the power of the media to smear and ruin lives and reputation – thus quelling dissent and anti-government/corporation sentiment – has never been more evident.  Possibly due to wikileaks, evolution of social media or possible due to a shift of economics, people seem to be slightly more aware of the role the media has played out in this game.

Who are the editors?  The CEO’s?  The parties whose vested interests dictates the nature of what news is being printed?  How much evidence do we need that the press is censored?  Yes, our free press – the one which does so much work in human rights and preaching the moral high ground.  Reading early articles about certain topics – possible areas of importance for the worlds’ attention – can see themselves shuffled off to the back of newspapers, somewhere between page 23 and 26, before we hit the TV listings.

How do we get to decide what news is being reported?  Do we even get to choose?  Should we?  And if we could, would the people who run the game allow us to read it if we had a choice?

What becomes front page news is decided by the Editor elite – a corporate advocated politically motivated persona who has spent considerable time under the watchful eye of those interested parties and has been promoted according to a well-tested history.  Just as with city brokers, insurance salesmen, investment banking and speculative stock market traders the ‘club’ exists and is not regulated – rather it does the regulation and deregulation all on its own! Or perhaps not.  Maybe it is just a game of economics.  “What will sell papers?” the editor asks.  However, this isn’t a Evelyn Waugh novel.  That now seems too simple – and there’s too much at stake.  People of the ‘free’ world (and press), it is down to you to find out the truth – and inquire.


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