UK Statistics authority guilty of war crimes

A tad sensationalist, but not far from the truth.

They may plead to be as thick as two short planks and dull as ditchwater (well, we already knew that, didn’t we?) but the UK statistics authority have gotten themselves into even deeper water with the census deal between themselves and US arms giant Lockheed Martin.

Recent Freedom of Information requests made on citizens arrest website ‘What Do They Know?’ ( have illustrated the UK Statistics Authority of non-compliance.  They have refused to handle a (slightly exaggerated but) reasonable request as to why we are doing business with war criminals.  Surely any ‘democracy’ would be against such a thing?  The deadline for reply has passed and now the UK SA is undergoing and internal review.  Well, two actually, because the same FOI request was sent out again once the first was ignored.  The trouble is, with an internal review do we know if there is little more than a ‘naughty boy/girl’ slap on the wrist and a public apology for not being able to comply with the request?

In light of this, isn’t it time we made government bodies accountable to imprisonment for the failings of moral decisions (such as those who murder, steal and are accessories to other crimes?)  I’m not for a move to the EU court of Human Rights – we should be able to act on this on UK soil and prosecute.  However, as I have pointed out before, Law (UK or otherwise) is a twisted pretence of justice and does not prove itself ‘legitimate’ when viewed through the passage of time and history.  It is a ‘it’ll do’ fix all which has been propped up by centuries of social evolution and power systems.  Enough of that, let’s look at these FOI requests, shall we?

Initial request to UK SA for information on Lockheed Martin and the 2011 Census(26th February 2011):

Repeat request to UK SA for information on Lockheed Martin and the 2011 Census (5th April 2011):

And a bonus – UK SA refused to publish statistics on ‘Teacher Suicides’ – maybe they have some shocking statistics that will dissuade the public from joining a profession in the throws of failure:

Anyone know what an internal review actually involves?


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