France working with Libyan rebels months before the invasion

Yes, France was planning a coup against Gaddafi months before any signs of ‘militancy’, ‘oppression’ and his apparent killing spree against his own people.

The reports from Italian journalist Franco Bechis show the French were planning to go into Libya from November 2010 (

Bechis points out that French economics men “went to Libya before December 14 2010 (banks Crédit Agricole and Société Générale, engineering firms Alstom and Thales, and construction firm Lafarge)

Maghreb Confidential wrote: “French firms are determined to climb higher in the ranks of Libya’s trading partners. Italy is currently in number one position, with China second and France a distant sixth.”

According to Bechis, however, these visits provided cover for French military officials to sound out opposition in the Libyan military.

Interestingly, the wheat-trading visit was originally scheduled for October, but French officials postponed it to November, citing the October oil strikes in France. This meant that the visit took place after final signature of the November 2 military alliance between Britain and France, the two main European powers bombing Libya”

There is more astounding evidence detailed on the World Socialist Website above, such as a military training exercise which resembles the bombing campaign the Anglo-Franco alliance took part in, in Libya, code-named South Mistral.

These reports have been echoed by Russian intelligence sources which have said much the same thing.  I’m hoping to see something soon which confirms this information with official evidence.

It has been interesting to note that, as this conflict has played out, we have found out more and more information (albeit slowly) from independent journalism investigating sources that the rebels are in the minority in Libya.  The truth has been totally whitewashed.  In light of this – how do we feel about the picture that has been painted by the UK media?

Royal wedding tea cup anyone?

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  1. Steve Biko says:

    And the end to this war is really just the finalization of Eni’s new energy contracts with the NTC. See

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