Criminalising Britain – the BlacBloc tactic

I have been reading a number of reports about a militant movement against the establishment – the BlacBloc – which was involved in the confrontation with protesters and the police on the TUC march, 26th March 2011.

What is become apparent is that, while there are certainly legitimate anarchists who utilise this ‘movement’ to vent their anger toward the establishment, there are also reports of there being examples of Agent provocateurs in their midst.  These are likely to be undercover policemen who are engaging in the protests in ways which discredit any legality of policing – and in a slightly more sinister tone – criminalise the act of protest by corrupting it.

This wouldn’t be the first time government has tried a social engineered tactic to quell public disorder.  One would have thought a distraction was need for the crooks to take the money and run while no one was looking!  No, I’m not implying the crooks are the anarchists – they are the ‘Economic Hitmen’!

You want evidence?  Sure, one of the things flying around Twitter right now is aerial footage of the riots on BBC News which shows a BlacBloc protester being given preferential treatment by riot police.  (skip to 5:50) Other protesters are being kettled – this one is left to pass.  The questions arise: Who is he?  Why do the riot police leave him alone when he is obviously one of the mob who has caused the trouble?

There are a number of bloggers writing about the BlacBloc movement – some are utilising it as a means to validate a genuine concern of incompetence and political negligence by our rulers.  (  This is being swiftly countered by government statements tightening the rules for protest (as if it wasn’t bad enough we have tell them exactly where and when we are to protest!!)  As Political Dynamite shows a detailed account of how the action escalated through a number of key members of the protesters – again we are left to ask ourselves -who are these people who started the trouble?

Once we know who these people are isn’t it then fair that just these people should be held accountable for their actions?  The consequences seems, to me, to be criminalising the entire act of protest – making the only available option a small barricaded non-disruptive group, only allowed to say pre-agreed slogans (not too harsh, mind!) letting the authorities know exactly where they are going to be, at what time and so forth.  This has dire consequences for the repressive nature of our society and where it is leading to.  We risk further – much more militant protests if the ringleaders in this act in the way they are doing and get away with it.  Far from preventing public disorder, if there being agents who are designing this to work in order to achieve a political objective, they are making this situation far, far worse.

I can only hope that this isn’t the conspiracy that it seems to be.  If it is true it gives the authorities even less credit of intelligence for trying to control that most unpredictable system – human society.  For as history has shown us time and time again, human society refuses to be held down for too long before erupting into violence and anarchy.  Those that point the finger at the anarchists would do well to look at why the peasants are revolting – that is the source of all the trouble!!


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