Tracking our every move: Google and Youtube

As if we didn’t have any more reasons to fear the brain police were tracking our every move – here’s a new one:  You Tube will not allow its users to log in without submitting an updated Google account link.

The Google account link will ask to have a valid cell phone number to be completed.

This is particularly suspicious at a time where surveillance agencies are closing in on our activities and behaviour using social media – such as my previous post on Britain handing the national census 2011 to Lockheed Martin and the twitter accounts seized by US government.  The use of Youtube for its video uploading facility is widespread, including amongst the ‘Arab Spring’ movement occurring right now.  Youtube has been gaining more ground as a messenger, providing footage of the Faked Israeli evidence on the Gaza blockade in 2010 ( .  Also coverage of brutality in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and of course the ‘Collateral Murder’ footage published via Wikileaks.  I am unwilling to access my youtube account at this time, because of these measures.

However, there are several contradictions at work here.

Firstly, Google have been involved in policies that support network neutrality and have been at the forefront of web innovation.  Other ventures support their interests in a censorship free world as ventures in China have shown:

Secondly, and more importantly, recent innovations in the Arab revolts have shown Google executives to be -not just involved but – the ringleaders in social media revolutions that have polarised the revolutions.  The example in Egypt illustrates this in this Channel 4 news report:

Even so, the concept of intelligence tracking our every move is a reality and we have every reason to question the light-speed movement of data flow and who may be able to access it.

The legitimacy of this occurring under the advancement of mobile ‘cloud’ technology is also questionable.  With recent findings in other areas of social control as evidence we have every reason to inquire as to the fair use of data as tracking tools.

For more on this see here:

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