The truth about Cannabis

Len Richmond’s film ‘What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?’ comes at a time when medical facts surrounding the herb are overwhelmingly in favour of its de-criminalisation.

For those of a educated mind and clear conscience, the facts – supported in this documentary and in recent findings elsewhere – are a welcome reminder of responsible recreational use being permitted and a reform of therapeutic regulations permitting use tied in to current medical practice and prescription.

Confirmation of the medical findings of the documentary:

Cannabis Cures Cancer:

Cannabis does not cause Cancer:

Brain Cancer and Cannabis

Lung Cancer and Cannabis:,2933,196678,00.html

Breast Cancer and Cannabis

Prostate Cancer and Cannabis

Colon Cancer and Cannabis

Leukemia and Cannabis

Lymphoma and Cannabis

These findings are so clear a change in the law should be allowed to take effect at our earliest available opportunity.

So just why is Cannabis still placed under prohibition after all these findings, not to mention the sacking of prominent medical advisors who have pointed for a change in the law along these lines?

The reasons for Cannabis’s continued criminalisation is due to economics.   The world around us has evolved to function around models of growth to produce goods and services that underpin monetarism.  As any good stoner knows, there’s little chance of getting all that paperwork done or building that wall when you’ve been smoking!  It has a similar effect the following day even after 12 hours or more of smoking cessation – the body chemistry has been affected significantly to a more reflective state.  This we can tie in to the medical facts surrounding cell changes which heal the body from cancers.  Two or Three days after smoking cessation and it’s business as usual – that wall can go up (Cement dries too fast when you’re stoned) – and the effects of the smoking earlier in the week are no longer felt.  These Three days are days lost to the big economy though.  The banks and the government do not want those three days to not bring them profit!  That is precisely why the herb is still ‘Banned’!

We have to be more vigilant to ensure our lives are made safer and healthier.  Campaign to decriminalise Cannabis and help cure Cancers!


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