Osborne in 1+1=2 realisation

At the G20, the forum for balancing world solidarity of greed with some sort of pretentious democracy – we hear the typical kid of pep talk at very disturbing times for these money men.

Yes, times have been better before when the money rolled in without much need for tip-toeing around the difficult realities based on an unsustainable model of greed.  But rather than dwell on this, I’d like to take a look at Osborne’s basic plan and ask why this wasn’t done way, way back.

Osborne has stated “”We need a different model of growth where we export more, where we invest more, and the depreciation of the currency is a fact. It’s happened because in a way, Britain was overpriced in the world and that rebalancing had to take place.”.   This sounds about right.

These facts are alarmingly obvious.  We have seen British interests declining for years in central areas of world production, based purely on economic business models, which do nothing to justify the exploitation they adopt.  For instance, labour-intensive jobs which require some skill (such as manufacture of Cars, clothes and computers) these were all farmed off to the third world economies.  Did anybody really think that these exploitative things wouldn’t come back to bite us in the ass? Well here it is – and spotting it was plain to see since its inception.

So why didn’t big business bosses see the point in keeping jobs like this going in big business headquarters such as Europe and the U.S.A.?

One could argue monopolisation allows a basic offer to capitalise in a opportunistic sense.  Competition has driven out the small player totally.  Capitalisation is quite a reflection of nature as it stands – the seasons produce food in abundance then take it away at times of need.  The famine and the feast.  But then again, I had always thought that human nature had developed some civilisation and had begun to move away from total dependence of the seasons though…

That would mean we move away from being dependent on … say oil, gas or nuclear energy.  Hey, why didn’t one one of these politicians say they’d do something about this…  hey, wait… they all did!

What’s next, news from Cameron “We get older as we age” or maybe from Clegg “Breathing is important to stay alive”.  Followed by an appropriate tax on air…

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