A response to Cameron’s ‘Multiculturalism’ statement

Make no mistake, the timing of Cameron’s pathetic reference to a ‘multicultural’ Britain coincides directly to the recent turmoil in Egypt (and pays some lip-service to Merkel who made similar statements about Germany several months ago).   While in Munich  he is playing a predictable part in securing European allies support,  support which the ruling powers now truly need (in light of the recent loss of support in North Africa and the important location of the Suez Canal)

The fallacy of British identity is similar to the fallacy of nationality.  A quick glimpse of the history of the United Kingdom and this truth is revealed.   Without going into too much detail, we have early conquests against the true British (Celts) by such invaders as the Saxons, Huns and Vikings.  So followed the Normans and the  Romans and so forth, each with them bringing bloodshed and ‘ethnic cleansing’ in order to gain control and establish a foothold in the newly invaded country.   Multiculturalism has failed?  Multiculturalism is the very life and blood of the island nation that is the UK!

Those that state their British heritage is somehow precious needs to get real.  The truth is, in the modern world we welcome multiculturalism.  Modern Multiculturalism is non-violent.  It improves our understanding of a world which is hugely unjust.  Part of ‘Britishness’ the past 200 years has been exploitation of the third world.  Part of that has been keeping the poor countries poor so that profit can be made through labour, natural resources and outright robbery.  If you (the British reader) cannot stand the immigrant population taking jobs, bringing culture from foreign lands, using national services such as the NHS, becoming criminalised through poverty and lack of opportunity then I think it is time for you to re-evaluate your own notion of identity and qualify just what has enabled you and your family to have secured a foothold in the British isles for so long.

If the truth about Cameron’s observations surrounding ghettos and poverty be explained, it would be incorrect to assume that these phenomena are linked to ethnic groups.  A brief visit to Kent, Suffolk, Leeds and Plymouth will soon illustrate poverty which is predominantly British and as dangerous as any multi-cultural example bearing the same tendencies.  Poverty is inevitable when a system that leeches from the poor runs unchecked – where the sheltered ‘leaders’ try and grapple with the accountability of their fudged responsibility.   What would they know?  They have been sucking the teat of private education and nepotistic opportunism since birth.  Are these really the people that should be spokespersons for astute observation?  This example is hardly unique.  One would have thought some research would have gone into any argument on multiculturalism and British history.

Multiculturalism is part of our heritage.  This is a perspective that we seldom hear in the right-wing mainstream tabloid press when government agencies discuss the matter much like Cameron has.  Of course we can expect to hear ‘British’ examples cited of Shakespeare, Dickens and other cultural British institutions (marvelous as they are) which are all equally indebted to being part of multicultural Britain, one which exploited its commonwealth countries and civilian population equally in order to retain power.  The visage of stability and a ruling class has less to do with nationality and more to do with money and power.

All of this would seem a distraction to the true motive for such an inflammatory remark.  Assuming it is fear and war-mongering in order to sustain the status quo, what will inevitably follow will be more rhetoric on ‘National interest’ and along with which goes a crackdown on Terrorist groups, dissidents and free media and press, such as the like of Wikileaks.  Cameron himself stated that we need to see less “passive, hands-off tolerance” and a “more active, muscular liberalism”.  This is rich coming from a regime that has supported Dictator states and poses under the guise of Democracy (as recent activity in Egypt has highlighted).  Of course it is no co-incidence that the ruling classes have gotten rich off the backs of the exploited through strong arm tactics, disguised as democratic freedom.  This example of liberalism seems insubstantial considering where it originates.

Politicians should know better.  With the recent progress in social media and freedom of information, lies are more transparent – even to the uneducated.

Finally, would Cameron’s Anglo-Germanic-Roman-Norman-Saxon heritage stand up to the scrutiny of his remarks on multi-culturalism?  Or, once again, do we smell the predictable stench of hypocrisy from a politician?  Who would have thought it!

Edit: 09/02/11

I have just now seen some piss-poor (and unforgivably extremist) publications of fanatic Islamic pamphlets which (one could argue) invoke the kind of reason Cameron went ahead with his statements on multiculturalism: (http://freethinker.co.uk/2011/02/06/david-camerons-multiculturalism-speech-goes-down-badly-in-many-quarters/) .  Although admittedly this is a problem, approaching the topic as ‘multiculturalism’ is disingenuous.   All the above still applies!

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